Aaranya Kaandam Movie Review-Hard hitting and realistic

Aaranya Kaandam Movie Review


Cast: Jackie Shroff, Ravi Krishna, Sampath Raj, Yasmin Ponnappa, Somasundaram
Direction: Thiagarajan Kumararaja
Production: S.P.B.Charan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: P.S.Vinod
Editing: Praveen K.L. and Shrikanth N.B

Producer S.P.B. Charan and debutant director Thiagarajan Kumararaja have to be appreciated for their bold attempt to portray the dark and dangerous face of gangsters in North Chennai without restoring to clichés and gimmicks.
In a way it is an experimental film exploring into the world of gangsters. We have seen umpteen numbers of films in the same genre but this one is strikingly different. It is raw and realistic, capturing the nuances of the inner world of the gangsters.


Jackie Shroff (Singam Perumal) is a dreaded don who heads a gang of henchmen. He has an able lieutenant in Pasupathy (Sampath Raj).

Sappai (Ravikrishna) is a weak and meek man who is the object of fun in the gang. Perumal’s young wife Subbu (Yasmeen Ponnappa), frustrated by her husband’s violent behavior, wants to escape from his clutches.

One fine day Pasupathy tells his master to acquire narcotics in large quantities by outsmarting their rival. While Perumal doesn’t want to try this, Pasupathy wants to take a chance on his own. The don gets agitated but he hides his emotions and plans to eliminate Pasupathy and clinch the deal in his own way.

The narcotics parcel is meant for Gajendran (Rambo Rajkumar), a professional rival against Perumal. Singam Perumal’s cunning ways puts Pasupathy’s life under immense threat. Both Gajendran and Perumal gangs want to kill Pasupathy, who tries to outsmart everyone. Pasupathy’s wife is taken as hostage by Perumal’s gang.

Meanwhile, an affair develops between Sappai and Subbu, who wants to use the weak link to save her life.

The narcotics parcel accidentally goes into the hands of a poor man(Kaalayan) and his pragmatic son(Kodukkapuli).

Can Pasupathy save his wife and his own life? Who finally gets the narcotics parcel and how? What happened to Sappai and Subbu? The script full of twists and turns tell you the answers.


Jackie Shroff: The veteran proves his class. It is a casting coup. He fits the bill perfectly as a dreaded Don. His performance in the scene where he fails to perform in the bed is outstanding.
Sampath Raj: The hunted gangster becomes hunter with his deft ways and Sampath portrays this character with amazing ease. He has got a major role with shades and he has fully justified it with his talent. Thus for his best performance.
Ravikrishna: It is a different role for Ravi, who has made use of it with conviction.
Yasmin Ponnappa: The role is not that challenging yet the girls scores some points with her expressive eyes and minute body language. Her care-free body language in the climax is a trat to watch.
Somasundaram and master Vasanth: the father and son add variety to the fare by rendering top class performances. Somasundaram as a foolish and talkative father overshadows others with his stunning performance while the boy’s deft handling of his pragmatic character is incredible.


The script is near perfect. There are very few loopholes and loose ends in the narrative and hence they are negligible. The twists and turns within a day are credibly conceived and amazingly portrayed. The sequences involving the poor and talkative father (zameendhar family) and his pragmatic son are beautifully narrated.

Acting by Sampath and Jackie Shroff are outstanding. The small boy and his father too have done good job.

Dialogues by the director are sharp and at time, philosophical. They lines uttered by the small boy are amazing. He has also given a touch of humour in the conversation between the gangsters.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is quite impressive in a movie which hasn’t had any song. The young musician has worked a co-narrator by his effective back ground score. The way he has used the silence and natural sounds is quite admirable.

Editors Praveen K.L. and Shrikanth N.B have presented the movie in a different style. The chasing scenes are quite exciting. The way a scene merges into the next one adds to the mood of the film.

Cinematographer P.S.Vinod is a major asset of the movie. The way he has captured the gloomy world is quite realistic and effective. The usage of colour is quite refreshing. The angles are stylish, especially in the fighting sequences.


The cock fight does have a meaning in the narrative but it is too long to relish. The pace of the movie could have been better. The way Subbu and Sappai are planning their escape seems to be quite ordinary. The way the talkative father is introduced to the don is quite cinematic.

Excessive violence, though effectively depicted, and filthy language might prove to be hard to digest for a section of the cine goers.


The gangster movie sans clichés has come out as a rare experience in the backdrop of routine Tamil movies. Stunning performances, sharp dialogues, excellent camera make the movie memorable. Kudos to the director for trying something new with great success.

Aaranya Kaandam –hard hitting and realistic.



  1. movie lover

    the movie is slow…but its memorable..guys u can go with ur friends to enjoy to the maximum extent…do watch movie…

  2. movie lover

    the movie is slow…but its memorable..guys u can go with ur friends to enjoy to the maximum extent…do watch movie in the theatre…

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