Aadukalam Movie Review – The Best of Dhanush

Aadukalam Movie Review
Aadukalam Movie Review

Star Cast: Dhanush, Tapasee Pannu, Kishore, Karunas, Daniel Balaji

Direction: Vetrimaaran

Music: GV Prakash Kumar

Production: Kathiresan

‘Aadukalam’ has brought together Dhanush and director Vettrimaran, the ‘Polladhavan’ duo, once again, and undoubtedly is one amongst Dhanush’s best performance till date. It will be an understatement to say Dhanush steals the show as the actor has lived the role of ‘Karuppu’. Vettrimaran deserves all pat for narrating a simple story with intricate and complex emotions in a nice manner.

Aadukalam’ is a whiff of fresh air in cliched Tamil cinema.

Aadukalam Movie Trailer


The movie unfolds in a suburb in Madurai where rearing roosters, maintaining them and using them for fights are a way of life and a matter of honor and lifeline to many people there.

The main prestige in winning the rooster fight is that the winner will be called as Pettaikaran. Luck would have it, it was always Jayabalan who wins the fight and retains the title to good effect.

Durai (Kishore) and K P Karuppu (Dhanush) are the key aides of Pettaikaran(Jayabalan) who learn the tricks of the trade from their mentor. Karuppu does everything and works tirelessly for Pettaikaran. Obviously ego flare up between Durai and Karuppu is bound to to be there.

On the other hand Pettaikaran’s main adversary in rooster fights is Rathnasamy (Naren) who is a police officer belonging to a family of people who involve themselves in rooster fight. Pettaikaarar is known to have an impeccable track record of successes when it comes to fowl fights especially with Rathinam’s.

In an unexpected situation, Pettaikaran challenges Rathinam to a fowl contest, which makes Rathinasamy to adopt all fraudulent methods to scuttle Pettaikaran. When Pettaikaran loses at the start, enters Karuppu to save his master’s pride. He matches Rahtnaswamy’s tricks and emerges winner. A jealous Pettaikaran now disowns Karuppu. The victory brings laurels in Karuppu’s shoulder and soon he becomes a star in the neighbourhood. Pettaikaran plan a plot to avenge him. By the time he realizes what is happening around him, its too late and things go way beyond his control. In the end what does he do to solve the brewing issue is being said in the most logical way possible.

In the midst of all this, Karuppu comes across an Anglo Indian girl Irene (Tapasee), living in the nearby railway colony. Innocent Karuppu tries ways and means to impress Irene.

Cast Review

In terms of acting, Dhanush steals the show with his brilliant display of skills. He is right there giving an astounding performance from frame one. He is at ease with Madurai diction of Tamil. WIth a perfect body language, Dhanush walks away with all aplomb. He makes you wonder if anyone else could have done justice to this role.

Tapasee, in the role of Anglo Indian girl is simple, sweet and elegant.

Jayabalan is a perfect choice for the character of Pettakaran. With the right kind of expressions and body language, he demonstrates a new type of villainy and Radha Ravi’s voice adds strength to his role.

Kishore and Naren have performed their role to perfection.

Plus Points

The major plus point of Aadukalam is its strength in characterization. The essence of true friendship, love in hatred and hatred in love and betrayal are highlighted in a excellent way by the director. Vetrimaaran proves that he is after all an adept raconteur with an eye for details. Every scene substantiates his efforts.

The rooster fights, which are digitally generated is perfectly rendered and it is a treat to watch.

Music by G V Prakash Kumar is one of the strong pillars of the movie. Songs and background score go hand-in-hand with the theme.

Dialogues and razor sharp editing (Kishore) besides cool visuals of Velraj adds strength.

Negative Points

On the flipside, the film is a tad lengthy in the second half and there are patches of slowness that could have been avoided.

The movie also has few technical short-comings especially in a certain places where the dialogues are almost inaudible.


Dont miss it !!!



  1. vijay fan

    dai moodittu pongada padatha pathuttu pesungada , athukku motha kasu illa apparam ethukkuda pesurenga, vijay rockz, as always, karthi and dhanush f…..s as like every film

  2. comman man

    comment properly here, do justice to every one vijay is good in this movie, i think dhanush, and karthi should take care of selecting movies

  3. Ranjit Kumar

    Aadukalam just elevates film to the next level. What a screenplay. What a performance… really Hats off to Vetri maran and Dhanush ..

    Hi all vijay fans,
    I accept Vijay is the actor with best screen presence in younger generation. But when we rate the movie, we have to accept the real fact. This will help Tamil movie to get International Acclaim. We have to understand to differentiate between just an entertainer and Trend-Setting movie. Kaavalan is just a re-make. But aadukalam is a film we tamilians can be proud of. It is our own product. Which will be dubbed tomorrow in telegu and malayalam.                                                                                                                          
    Thanks All. 

  4. T

    I can’t really believe that someone says these words “International Acclaim” “Trend-Setting movie” “”we tamilians can be proud of” for this movie!!!!????? =-O




    I have seen dhanush and vetrimaran’s previous flick – pollathavan and it was much better.
    I am sure if this film was from any other distributor other than SUN pictures – BLUE CROSS would have dragged this movie to the court……

    This movie must get an “A” certificate for all the animal cruelty that is shown…….Very horrible movie….
    Please don’t watch this movie……….unless you are an animal hater…

  5. [email protected]

    1.Kavalan 2. Aadukalam 3.Siruthai 4. Ilaigan …………… Kavalan Superb romantic comedy movie. Aadukalam different movie but second half average ….. 3. Siruthai just masala movie 4. ilaigan vera vazhiye illa mothame 4 films thaan release so ilaigan 4th place…….. ha ha ha 

  6. T

    kpp….looks like you are being proven wrong :-E

    Read this news:
    Vijay’s ‘Kaavalan’ might have opened a day later after the release of  ‘Siruthai’ and  ‘Aadukalam’, but now it has become  No.1 as the theatre owners have started screening the movie in main theatres.
    On Friday 14, Dhanush-Taapsee starrer ‘Aadukalam’ was screened at main theatre of Abhirami and the very next day, ‘Kaavalan’ replaced it. Similarly, Aadukalam and Siruthai occupied main screen of  Sangam Cinemas 2 shows each. Apparently, Aadukalam has been shifted to Padmam with Kaavalan replacing it. AGS Cinemas increased the shows of ‘Kaavalan’ on Saturday and Sunday thereby reducing the shows of other releases.
    Source: http://fresh.cinesnacks.in/official-report-online-booking-rates-kaavalan-as-no-1.html

  7. charmingkarthik

    Ya Aadugalam is good. . . excellent acting by dhanush. . .the first of the movie is really good. . .but the second half moving slow. . .but all actors done a great job they done their job well. . .especially dhanush lived as karupu. . .and petaikaran charcter is extordinory. . .all the best for aadugalam. . .a nice pongal release. .

  8. fuck vijay haterz

    u knw these ppl r mental. they wouldnt even understand it. sun pictures suck they celeberate success for all movies including their utter flop movies.

  9. ryan

    1. kaavalan 2. aadukalam 3. ilaignan and siruthai. siruthai oru visar paddam masala movies were 2005 now its either love story or realistic

  10. SS

    Aadukalam – A realistic movie. Some people says second half is boring, but I feel both the halfs are interesting. Really good acting by Dhanush. Hats off Vetrimaaran for creating worthy films and making Tamil film industry to proud!

  11. SS

    “Karunas, Daniel Balaji” are not part of this movie. Jayabalan & Naren are the other important star cast missed in this review.

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