3 Movie Review

3 Movie Review – 2 much of expectation mars 3

3 Movie Review

Cast: Dhanush, Shruthi Haasan, Sunder, Prabhu, Rohini
Written and directed by: Aishwarya R. Dhanush
Music: Anirudh
Cinematography: R. Velraj

Aishwarya R. Dhanush has made an impressive debut with 3 featuring Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan in the lead. She has chosen a romantic tale and tries to add serious dimension by adding mixed emotions in the tale.

Aishwarya portrays the teen age love and the stubbornness of the lovers well. Let us look into the story before going into details.


Ram (Dhanush), son of a rich man (Prabhu) studies in Plus Two. He stumbles upon another student Janani (Shruti Hassan), a typical middle class girl, and falls for her.

Janani shies away from Ram, who chases her like a mad. Slowly her heart melts and reciprocate positively. Ram is on cloud nine. Their love blossoms day by day.

Then comes the hurdle. Janani’s parents want to go to USA to make their girl get higher studies in their dreamland. It is their ten year old dream. When they are all set to depart Janani puts a bombshell by declaring her love. The family gets shattered.

Ram’s affluent parents however, accept his willingness to marry Janani. His father goes a step further and gets him a flat to live after the marriage. Though Janani’s parents are not ready to compromise, Janani’s adamancy forces them to accept.

When everything seems to a perfect build up for a happy married life, fate plays its cruel role. Ram gets disturbed and he doesn’t know what ails him. His friend Sunder finds that there is some element of disorder in Ram’s behavior and takes him to a doctor. It if found that ram has bi-polar disorder. He might turn violent at any point of time, as he has no control over his overwhelming emotions.

Janani, who has no clue of what is happening, is shattered. Her heart filled with love is hurt. She wants to redeem her life but she doesn’t know how to do it.
What happens between them forms the rest of the movie.

Script analysis

Aishwarya has done well in portraying teen age love and the strength of love. She has also shown the emotions of the parents quite credibly. She has created some interesting scenes to portray the love. She has never missed the element of fun when concentrating on love. The tuition scenes are quite enjoyable. The chemistry between the lead pair has come out well. The energy and youthfulness of Dhanush and Shruthi have been well utilized.

However, the movie turns sad and slow in the second half. The sadness is quite intense but it is not convincing. There is no reason why Dhanush should get the disorder. Why it surfaces all of a sudden after the marriage is not made to known. The mental illness angle reminds us Selvaraghavan’s mayakkam Enna (featuring Dhanush).

Why Ram’s friend doesn’t inform the problem to Ram’s parents? Why Shruthi doesn’t get a clue about her husband’s disorder? Why Ram’s affectionate parents do not bother to visit him or know about him after his marriage?

There are more questions than answers. Aishwarya Dhanush hasn’t taken care of these questions. That the second half is monotonous and tedious makes the experience of the viewer ore painful. The script is so imbalanced that it shows two different feelings and moods in two segments without any genuine reason to do so.

Cast and crew analysis:

Dhanush and Shruthi enact their roles with conviction and flair. Shruthi looks beautiful and lovable. She has shown a lot of improvement in handling the emotional scenes. Dhanush is lively and realistic in his presence and portrayal of his role. Handling mentally imbalanced roles is like a cake walk for him and he comes out with flying colours.

Rohini has done a good job and Sunder as Dhanush’s friend is quite impressive. Prabhu and others have done their jobs well.

Anirudh’s tunes have variety. Kannazhaga song stands out with its melodious tune. The picturising of the phenomenal hit Kolaveri song passes muster.

R. Velraj’s camera work is a real value addition to the fare.

Portrayal of romance, acting, music, and cinematography.

Negative Points

Imbalanced script and slow & tedious second half.


Aishwarya’s 3 starts well but it flatters to deceive after the intermission point due to sloppy script. The post marriage portions could have been conceived better. 3, which tries to show the three stages of love, ends up look like 2 movies with two different feelings in two segments.

2 much of expectation mars 3!


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