180 Movie Review

180 Movie Review


Cast: Siddharth, Priya Anand, Nitya Menon, Mouli, Geetha, Sricharan
Direction: Jayendra
Production:Kiran Reddy,Swaroop Reddy and C. Srikanth
Cinematography: Balasubramaniem
Music: Sharreth

Renowned Ad filmmaker Jayendra has made his attempt on a feature film. He has brought the sensibilities and passion for minutest details with commendable ease. He has tried with huge success to make every frame look perfect. With the excellent support of cinematographer Balasubramaniem, Jayendra has provided us with a rich experience on screen in terms of production quality and visual beauty.

The freshness and style in the making has unfortunately failed to reflect on the story and the screenplay. Jeyandra has opted for an age old story with slow paced narration.

Story Line

The movie starts with showing the protagonist (Siddharth) in a sorrowful mood in Kashi. He has obviously lost someone. He looks deeply wounded and disinterested in life. A two minute encounter with a small boy changes everything. The boy’s way of looking at the world teaches a lesson to the protagonist, whose name is not revealed so far. He decides to live in the moment forget about the past and future.

He rechristens himself as Mano and comes to Chennai, where he hires a house and leads a meaningful life helping poor children. His background is not revealed yet but it is not a problem for Vidya (Nithya Menon), a photo-journalist with a Tamil newspaper. She is impressed by his character and falls for him but he doesn’t seem to reciprocate though he shows a lot of care and affection towards her.

He decides to leave Chennai when Vidya finally opens her heart and tells him that she loves him deeply. She is shocked to see him going away without replying her. She follows his frantically and gets into an accident. Now Mano has to save her.
Mano, who is actually a doctor in San Francisco, goes all out to save the girl. He has to get her to San Francisco, where his past is buried. The flashback scenes reveal his past and the reason why he is leading such a life. A beautiful love story involving gorgeous Renu (Priya Anand) and a sorrowful incident dominate the proceedings.

What happened to the past love and the present one? Is Vidya saved? Is she able to win Mano’s heart? What does Mano do after getting his past memories rekindled in San Francisco?

Watch the movie for the answers.

The movie is a visual treat. The emotional scenes are handled with sensitivity. The characters look real. The execution is noteworthy. But the problem with the movie is that the story is old and predictable. The initial scenes where Mano gets a house in T. Nagar and moves around with street children look like dream rather than reality. The feel good factor lacks credibility and hence fails to make any impact on an overall count. If the director wants to tell us that the protagonist lives at the present moment, he need not have wasted too many sequences for this. The buildup is too long to relish and too hard to believe.

Cast Review

Siddharth’s reentry into Tamil films has been marked by a mature performance. He looks charming and handles his role with amazing ease. He is able to express happiness and sorrow with equal conviction.

Nithya Menon gets a role where she can make a mark and she has utilized it perfectly. She has handled the role with the ease of a seasoned actor. She has especially done well in the scenes when she is confused over the behavior of her lover.

Priya Anand looks fabulous and renders a strong performance. She is charming in romantic scenes and quit impressive in emotional ones as well.

Sricharan, as a friend to both AJ and Renu has done his part well. Mouli and Geetha have rendered flawless performances.

The music by Sharreth is youthful and imaginative. The songs KJ, Santhikkaatha Kangalil, and Ne Korinal sound different. They might capture the imagination of the listeners after a few listening. The background score jells with the moods of the scenes.

Cinematographer Balasubramaniem has done a marvelous job with his camera. He is the major reason behind the richness and beauty of the film.

Positive Points

Cinematography, stylish execution, performances by lead actors, a couple of songs, and picturesque locations.

Negative points

Old story and a script that lacks novelty, and slow pace.

Director Jayendra has made a stylish film with all the strengths of a well made ad film. He shows his flair for minutest details in many scenes. He has also executed the scenes well. Each and every scene has something to impress us. But the problem is that the scenes put together fail to make the desired impact as the story that links the scenes and the script that deals with the way the story moves lack novelty.

Jeyendra and writer duo Suba should have opted for a different story or a different treatment. The slow pace in the second half too mars kills the interest created by the first part.

The way the script reveals the background does evoke some interest but the long flashback kills the interest. The flashback involving love story involving AJ and Renu becomes redundant after a point and some of the scenes seem unwarranted (e.g.: involving the hero’s mother).


Nootrenbadhu(180) is a stylish and rich experience on screen. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the story to carry through.

Nootrenbadhu(180) – Fabulous package for a routine gift.


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