Vaiko accuses ill-treatment by Malaysian Govt. at Penang Airport


MDMK general secretary Vaiko has said that he was ill-treated and was kept as a ‘prisoner’ by Malaysian authorities at Penang Airport where he landed up on Thursday evening to attend a marriage function.

“This was done particularly at the behest of the Lankan Govt. and it was apparent that the (Malaysian) authorities were acting on instructions,” Vaiko told newsmen after landing up in Chennai late in the night yesterday. Malaysian Govt. banned Vaiko’s entry into the country on Thursday and it forcibly sent him back to India (Chennai) after confiscating his passport.

Speaking to newsmen at Chennai Airport after his deportation, Vaiko said “I was invited by Penang Deputy chief-minister Ramasamy to attend his daughter’s wedding but was stopped at Penang Airport by the authorities who said that I won’t be allowed entry into Malaysia as my name had been listed under ‘persons posing danger to the country’s integrity’.

“Though I showed them the marriage invitation card, they didn’t relent. They confiscated my passport and treated me like an accused. They kept me at the Airport for more than 20 hours sans food. It is apparent they were acting at the behest of Sri Lankan Govt. I’d write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about this; at this time, I also thank Stalin, Tirunavukkarasar, Vijayakanth, Thirumavalavan, G.K Vasan and Communist leaders who supported me,” Vaiko completed.



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