Tamil Nadu officials mistaken for abducting cows and attacked in Rajasthan


A few officials of Govt. of Tamil Nadu came under attack near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan when they were mistaken by the locals of ‘abducting’ cows in large numbers which they were actually bringing to Tamil Nadu for the purpose of reproduction.

Around 50 cows were loaded in two lorries and were being brought to Tamil Nadu accompanied by officials of Tamil Nadu Animal Husbandry Department. The attack took place when the lorries were travelling in Barmar District in Rajasthan near National Highway 15. A large group of locals blocked the lorries and threw stones at will against the driver and others.

The group off-loaded the cows and even attempted to set fire to one of the lorries. Apparently part of a ‘Hindutva’ group, they were under the impression that cattles were being taken away for the purpose of meat. The officials showed them the ‘NOC’ by the Govt. of Rajasthan according them permission to take away the cattle to Tamil Nadu for the purpose of reproduction.

Local police arrived at the spot in no time much to the relief of the officials and rescued them from the gang. Four persons have been arrested for involvement in the Sunday night attack which has created tense-filled atmosphere back home in Tamil Nadu.


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