Tamil farmers don’t beg but only want their share of water: Vaiko


MDMK chief Vaiko has said that Tamil farmers are not begging the Govt. of Karnataka to release Cauvery river water for sambha harvest and added that they were only seeking Tamil Nadu’s share of the water. “It is a great lie that Karnataka’s dams don’t possess enough water for meeting Tamil Nadu’s needs,” Vaiko asserted.

Vaiko had earlier filed a petition with the Madurai Bench of the High Court of Madras requesting it to instruct the Govt. of Tamil Nadu to destroy all the Karuvelam trees in the State. The case came up for hearing yesterday and after attending the hearing, Vaiko spoke to waiting newsmen outside the Court premises.

“We strongly condemn Karnataka for not giving Tamil Nadu its share of Cauvery river water. The Prime Minister ought to condemn Union Law Minister Sadananda Gowda’s statement that Karnataka would go ahead and construct a dam at Mekedaatu. Tamil farmers are not begging Govt. of Karnataka for Cauvery water but are only demanding their fair share.

“Statement by Govt. of Karnataka that its farmers are committing suicide due to paucity of water is contrary to the truth; the farmers are committing suicide not because of water-related issues but because of their increasing debts,” Vaiko concluded.


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