Eadpadi Palaniswamy

Stalin upset at failure in toppling our Govt.: Eadpadi Palaniswamy

Eadpadi Palaniswamy
Eadpadi Palaniswamy

Tamil Nadu chief-minister Edapadi Palaniswami has said that the ruling faction of the AIADMK has been leading the Govt. in an exemplary manner and took a dig at DMK’s working president Stalin for acting out of desperation in not being able to ‘disturb’ the AIADMK rule.

Speaking to newsmen at Coimbatore Airport on Saturday evening, the chief-minister said that the Govt. was slowly but steadily fulfilling all the pre-poll promises. “Farmers’ issues are being addressed; they have been allowed to take away free-of-cost the sand dug out of desilting of dams, rivers and lakes. Govt. has set up sand-quarries to provide sand at a subsidized rate to the people.

“It is indeed condemnable that Malaysian authorities detailed MDMG general secretary Vaiko at Penang Airport. We would ask our MPs to raise the issue with vigour in both the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha,” he said. On another note, he said that the internal affairs of the party need not make headlines as the party was competent enough to deal with it.

“We are aware that the Centre has been taking efforts to set up an AIIMS Branch in the State,” he said. Taking on Stalin, the chief-minister said “Stalin’s effort in getting our Govt. has failed badly which has made him desperate; he has been speaking out of desperation and acting like a typical opportunist,” and wondered what the DMK did when it was part of the Union Govt. for many years during the erstwhile regime.


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