Radha Ravi & Rajini'

Radha Ravi welcomes Rajini’s political entry (if it ever happens)

Radha Ravi & Rajini'
Radha Ravi & Rajini’

Veteran actor Radha Ravi, who had also served as the general secretary of Nadigar Sangam, said that he whole-heartedly welcomed Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s decision to make his entry in politics in the State at this juncture. “When Deepa’s husband can float a political party, who not Rajini who has millions of fans across the world adoring and admiring him?” he asked.

Speaking to newsmen in Chennai yesterday evening, Radha Ravi said that he felt that there was nothing wrong if Rajini had some political ambitions. He touched this topic when scribes asked him to comment on superstar Rajinikanth’s recent utterances which have hinted that he might take to politics in the near future.

“Deepa, niece of former chief-minister Jayalalithaa, is in politics now. Even her husband, who is literally unknown, has floated an outfit. When anybody can enter the political arena, why not Rajini who has plenty of fans across all political parties and who want their ‘Thalaivar’ to take to politics for the past many years?” he asked.

It may be recalled that Radha Ravi, along with actress-turned-politician Vindhiya, was among the prominent ‘star speakers’ of the erstwhile AIADMK headed by Jayalalithaa.


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