PMK’s election manifesto

PMK’s election manifesto to be an ‘agreement’ with the people

PMK’s election manifesto
PMK’s election manifesto

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder-president Ramadoss has said that the election manifesto of the party, which is to be released tomorrow (16th September), would be a literal ‘agreement’ made by the party with the people to be implemented in letter and spirit if it is voted to power in the 2016 Assembly elections.

“The PMK welcomes the recently held seminar on ‘Development along with Democracy’ held by the Advocates’ Social Justice Forum. Issues discussed at the seminar were about people’s welfare and in harnessing their development. The PMK now focused on next year’s Assembly polls in the State. Issues such as power-cut, environmental decay, transport facilities, drinking water and urbanization are to be addressed at once.

“More than anything else, the rulers are duty-bound to bring under their control the ‘monster’ of liquor which has been destroying millions of families in the State. The solution the ruling party comes up with is based on its concern for the people and its administrative efficiency. In this regard, I’m proud to state that PMK’s election manifesto would reveal its concern and administrative strategies for the people’s welfare.

“The manifesto has been prepared after seeking views of experts from various fields and working out many issues. In short, the manifesto to be released by the party tomorrow would be a literal agreement the Party makes with the people on things to be done when it is voted to power during next year’s Assembly polls,” Ramadoss’ statement concluded.


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