Palanichamy can’t prove his majority in the Assembly: Anbazhagan


DMK general secretary Anbazhagan has opined that it won’t be possible for Edapadi Palanichamy, the newly sworn-in chief-minister of the State, to prove his majority on the floor of the Assembly on Saturday.

Palanichamy, a Sasikala loyalist, was sworn-in yesterday by Governor Vidyasagar Rao as the 13th chief-minister of the State. A 30-member strong Cabinet also took oath of office and secrecy along with the chief-minister who is to prove his majority tomorrow on the floor of the Assembly.

Speaking to newsmen in Tirupur, Anbazhagan (whose case against Jayalalithaa and Sasikalaa in the nineties nailed Sasikala) said that the future of the State depended on DMK’s victory alone. “I’m thoroughly satisfied with the Supreme Court’s verdict upholding Bangalore Court’s imprisonment of Sasikala in the assets case,” he said.

On another note, the veteran DMK leader added that Edapadi Palanichamy won’t be able to prove his majority in the Assembly. “DMK would abstain from voting during the vote of confidence,” he declared.


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