No shortage of rice in the State, Food Minister assures


Tamil Nadu Food Minister R. Kamaraj has asserted that there would be no shorage in supply of rice across PDS outlets and other rice-stores in the State. He also assured that the State would look into complaints of production of ‘plastic rice/eggs’ and take stringent action against those found guilty.

Serving biriyani made using ‘plastic rice’ at a recent event in Hyderabad has sent shock waves across the country. Kamaraj referred to this issue while addressing newsmen at the State Secretariat.

The Minister denied that as far as his knowledge was concerned, no ‘plastic rice’ was being sold or produced at any place in the State. He warned rice manufacturers of ‘strict action’ in case it was found that plastic rice was produced by any of them.

He also assured that inquiry would be conducted behind sale of ‘plastic eggs’ at a few places in the State. Setting at rest speculations that some regions in the State were facing shortage of rice, the Minister ruled out that despite monsoon failing badly, there was no shortage of rice in the State.



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