Lok Sabha M.P. Sundaram

Minister condemns M.P. for speaking in ‘uncultured’ manner

Lok Sabha M.P. Sundaram
Lok Sabha M.P. Sundaram

Tamil Nadu Industries Minister Thangamani condemned the remark of party colleague and Namakkal Lok Sabha M.P. Sundaram when the latter said that he would ‘slash the tongues’ of all those who spoke negatively about the health condition of ‘Amma’, the State’s chief-minister.

Sundaram was addressing a meeting, part of a series of meetings held by the AIADMK all over the State, in Rasipuram where achievements of the 4-year long rule of the party was explained to the people. “There are many chief-ministerial aspirants in the State; PMK is propping up Anbumani as CM at its Coimbatore conclave. Though it says it would close down TASMAC outlets, Re.1 crore worth of liquor is sold on the day it held the conclave.

“Some say that chief-minister ‘Puratchithalaivi’ J. Jayalalithaa should take ‘rest’ from public life in view of her health condition. We have never made such suggestion to any part leader. I restrain myself as I’m an M.P.; however, in future, if anybody spoke badly about the health condition of our chief-minister, I will slash their tongues,” he said.

Sundaram’s remarks, though welcomed by his party cadres with huge clapping, sent shock-waves among critics. In order to trouble-shoot the situation, Industries Minister Thangamani, who took the mike next, said “Leaders of Opposition parties speak and act in a manner unbecoming of politicians. We shouldn’t behave like them; I condemn M.P. Sundaram’s manner of criticizing them. We should always uphold a decent political culture!”


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