Merger of AIADMK factions was scripted by the BJP, Stalin accuses


DMK’s working president M.K. Stalin, who has just returned from his sojourn in London, has said that the merger of the AIADMK factions led by OPS and EPS became possible as the entire ‘episode’ was script-written by the ruling BJP at the Centre.

Reacting to the merger, Stalin issued a characteristic lengthy statement in which he blasted the OPS faction of ‘waging’ a fake ‘war for justice’ and finally uniting with the EPS faction for the sake of money and power. “Those who claimed they were protesting and waging ‘war of justice’ for the sake of the people had cheated party cadres and people and united with the other faction for money and power,” he said.

“Both the incumbent chief-minister (EPS) and the former chief-minister (OPS) have once again proved that they are among the best actors in the world. It now turns out that OPS’ silent protest at Jayalalithaa’s Marina Memorial in the name of ‘war of justice’ was scripted by the ruling BJP which also played a ‘huge hand’ in uniting the two factions of the AIADMK only to suit its own political designs.

“It is clear that the two factions have come together mainly to save the Govt. as considerable number of MLAs are with jailbird Dinakaran. Money has also exchanged hands in this shady deal which has brought the factions together. In the name of ‘war of justice’, OPS cheated the people to usurp power. Both OPS and EPS have become puppets in the hands of the ruling BJP at the Centre,” Stalin slammed.


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