Madhusudanan predicts EPS Govt . to fall in two months’ time


Madhusudanan, senior leader of the AIADMK faction led by former chief-minister O. Panneerselvam, has predicted that the Edapadi Palaniswami-led Govt. in the State would fall ‘under its own weight’ in a couple of months’ time.

It may be recalled that Madhusudanan was the candidate of the OPS faction of the AIADMK in the R.K. Nagar Assembly by-polls which were to be held on 12th April but were cancelled at the very last moment by the Election Commission after complaints of large-scale distribution of cash for votes by the leading parties in the fray.

Speaking to newsmen at Madurai Airport yesterday, Madhusudanan said that the merger of the two factions (led by OPS and EPS) would occur only if people wanted it to happen.

“In my considered view, people are on OPS’ side, as evident from the huge crowds attending his public meetings in the State during the past week or so. I also feel that the EPS-led Govt. would fall in a couple of months’ time due to its own internal frictions; we expect majority of leaders/cadres from that faction to align with us once the Govt. falls,” Madhusudanan concluded.


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