Markanday Katju

Like Amitabh, Rajini is also unfit for politics: Markanday Katju

 Markanday Katju
Markanday Katju

Markandey ormer Press Council of India chairman and a retired Judge of the Supreme Court of India, has termed Tamil superstar Rajinikanth as ‘unfit’ for politics.

Katju, who has been very active in social networking sites and has of late been taking keen interest in commenting issues concerning Tamil Nadu, posted a comment on his Twitter account recently in response to Rajini’s speech delivered on Monday during when the latter said that he might be in politics if the Almighty willed him to be so.

More than ever before, Rajini’s fans appear to be very keen that thair Thalaivar launch a new political outfit now especially in the backdrop of the weakened ruling party in the State. Commenting on this, Katju said though he respected South Indians a lot, he couldn’t decipher why they were deifying and idolizing filmstars in a foolish manner. He recalled his days as student in Annamalai University when fans went berserk at sighting the late Sivaji Ganesan on screen at a cinema hall.

“Some want Rajini to be in politics and to become the chief-minister which is meaningless. Does Rajini have solution to alleviate poverty and solve issues such as unemployment, malnutrition, below-par healthcare facilities and Tamil Nadu farmers’ grievances? I feel that like his Bollywood counterpart Amitabh Bachchan, Rajini too is not so brainy,” Katju recorded thus on his Twitter account.


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