Kerala does a U-turn on prohibition; to open bars soon


At a time when protests across almost all the Districts in Tamil Nadu are gaining momentum against the State-run liquor-selling TASMAC bars, Tamil Nadu’s western neighbour Kerala has taken a step backwards as it decided to lift prohibition and open liquor bars across the State.

A decision to lift prohibition and open liquor bars was taken at a ‘special’ session of the State Assembly held yesterday in Trivandrum. Based on this decision, around 730 bars would soon be ‘inaugurated’ in the first phase.

The Assembly also passed a resolution condemning ban on slaughter of cattle for meat imposed by the Centre a few weeks back. Chief-minister Pinarayi Vijyan moved the resolution on the floor of the Assembly which was passed unanimously with the exception of a solitary vote of a BJP MLA who opposed the resolution for obvious reasons.

The decision to open liquor bars across the State has been criticized harshly by Opposition Congress party which termed it as a step in the ‘backward’ direction.



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