Deepak connived with Sasikala to ‘kill’ Jayalalithaa for money: Deepa


Deepa, niece of former Tamil Nadu chief-minister J. Jayalalithaa, has accused her brother Deepak of conniving with jailbird Sasikala (former aide of the chief-minister) in killing his own Aunt (Jayalalithaa) with a greedy intention of acquiring the latter’s assets and properties.

Deepa created huge excitement by visiting Poes Garden residence of the deceased chief-minister on Saturday. She claimed that she went at the behest of Deepak’s invitation who told her that they had erected a portrait of their ‘Aunt’ which was to be garlanded with a formal pooja. She also accused that Deepak wanted to cause harm to her with the support of Sasikala’s men at the Poes Garden.

“I and my bodyguards were assaulted at Poes Garden and attempts were also made to kill my husband Madhavan. I request police to take immediate action against those who attacked me. I’m the official and righteous claimant of Poes Garden residence of my aunt,” she said and added that it was imperative that AIADMK had to be ‘rescued’ from the clutches of Sasikala and her family members.

“I would be writing to the Prime Minister about the Poes Garden attack on me and my bodyguards; I have sought an appointment to meet the Prime Minister to explain to him in person the prevailing situation,” Deepa said and added that she would also be filing complaints against her brother Deepak under conspiracy and other sections. “I’m ready to identify those who attacked me,” she clarified.


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