Curfew in place in Ramathapuram for 45 days


In order to ensure that tight security is put in place ahead of the Immanuel Sekaran death anniversary and Thevar Jayanti, curfew has been imposed in Ramanathapuram for 45 days.

Tomorrow (11th September), Immanuel Sekaran’s death anniversary is observed in Paramakudi and its surrounding localities while Thevar Jayanti is to be celebrated with grandeur for 03 days from 28-30 October at Pasumpon. Ramanadhapuram S.P. Mayilvahanan had earlier recommended imposing curfew restrictions in the District for 45 days to the District Collection Nandakumar which was acceded to by the latter.

The curfew came into force from yesterday (09th September) and would remain in force till 31st October. Under the provisions of curfew laws, entry of vehicles from other Districts into Ramanathapuram has been banned. Congregation of more than five persons at public places and holding of rallies/protest marches have been banned.



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