BJP is not an ‘untouchable’ party, Rajendra Balaji opines


Tamil Nadu Milk & Dairy Development Minister Rajendra Balaji has asserted that the ruling BJP at the Centre wasn’t an ‘untouchable’ party and added that there was nothing wrong in voting in favour of the Presidential candidate chosen by it during the Presidential elections to be held next month.

Speaking to newsmen in Chennai, Balaji was responding to questions from scribes whether the ruling AIADMK faction would support the BJP candidate during the Presidential polls.

“BJP is ruling at the Centre and is not an ‘untouchable’ party. In my opinion, there won’t be anything wrong in supporting its presidential nominee,” he said.

On another note, he spoke in a different tune as compared to his Ministerial colleagues when he said that Sasikala would ‘serve the party’ after her release from prison in 2021. “All of them have been ‘created’ by Sasikala,” he said, confusing the scribes.

He also said he would be meeting Dinakaran soon, thus confusing his chief-minister and other senior Ministers who had been taking anti-Dinakaran stance for many weeks now.


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