BJP at the Centre is functioning in an whimsical manner: Stalin


DMK’s working president M.K. Stalin has accused the ruling BJP at the Centre of functioning in an arbitrary manner and not in keeping the interest of all the communities. “Unlike the BJP, whether it is in power or not, the DMK has always fought for the rights of the minorities (read: Muslims),” he asserted.

Taking part at an Iftaar party at Egmore, Stalin said that people across the country have been hard-hit by the arbitrary decisions the BJP-led Centre has been taking on all fronts.

“BJP doesn’t seem to believe in (the concept of) generating consensus on major issues and takes the decision on its own as it has been voted to majority during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. During its 3-year long tenure, the Centre has done nothing of note for the welfare of farmers and put common man to huge difficulties late last year with its demonetization drive,” Stalin remarked.

Significantly enough, Stalin chose to take BJP-led Centre to task instead of talking about the very volatile political scenario prevailing in the State.


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