Army instructor dies in freak tank accident


In a freak accident, an army instructor died when he inhaled poisonous gas emanating from the tank atop which he was sitting.

The incident occurred at the Army Training Centre in Avadi where Sakthivel had been working as an instructor for the past twenty years. The veteran was going through a coaching class, telling the nuances of operating a tank to the trainees.

All of a sudden, the poisonous gas from the cylinder inside the tank started leaking. By the time Sakthivel realized it and attempted to make his exit through the emergency exit, he couldn’t do so as the emergency exit didn’t open when it should have opened. Sakthivel died of suffocation within a few moments, setting a pall of gloom at the training centre.

Sakthivel hailed from Kadamalaipudhur in Theni Districts and is survived by his wife and a 7-year old daughter and a 5-year old son.


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