TN requests SC to release all 7 accused in Rajiv assassination case


In its reply petition filed with the Supreme Court of India, the Govt. of Tamil Nadu has requested the top Court in the country to consider releasing all the 7 accused in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as they had already served out their respective life sentences.

Govt. of Tamil Nadu took a decision to release the seven accused after the apex Court told it to dispose off the case early last year. However, the then UPA-led Centre objected to the release of the accused and filed an appeal with the Supreme Court which was taken up by a Constitution Bench comprising five judges. Written arguments have been filed with the Court by the Centre as well as the Govt. of Tamil Nadu in the case.

Govt. of Tamil Nadu has putforth the argument that the issue of who holds the right to release the accused should be taken up first and that it can’t agree to the Centre’s point of view that the State Government doesn’t have the power to release the accused in a case after they have served out their life sentences.



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