Media groups oppose centre’s decision on Sun TV group


Chennai, July 18 : media organisations Madras Reporters Guild and Chennai Union of Journalists on Saturday condemned the central government for denying the security clearance to Sun TV group to bid for FM radio licences.

In a statement issued here, the Madras Reporters Guild urged the union home ministry to review its decision to deny security clearance to Sun TV group, noting this could result in a ban and closure of several media companies under the group.

“The Guild is by no means making out a case for withdrawal of the cases against this group and ongoing investigation into several charges against the company and its senior executives. In fact, the union government is free to pursue the cases in accordance with the laws of the land.

“However, any action against the company should not result in closure of the media organisation, thereby affecting the livelihood of hundreds of employees,” the statement said.

According to the Guild, the issue of security clearance need be taken up only when there is concrete evidence of any person or organisation trying to cause damage to the security and territorial integrity of the country.

The union information and broadcasting ministry and the attorney general have thus far taken the correct stand that any charge relating to comprosiming the security of the country will not arise in this case, though the company can be proceeded against regarding various other charges against it, the statement added.

In a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Chennai Union of Journalists’ president V.Anbazhagan said the journalistic fraternity is concerned about the families of thousands of employees.

“We wish to remind you the role of `media fraternity’ in projecting you as a symbol of political change, which greatly contributed to your victory in the Lok Sabha elections. Hence, we appeal to you to do justice to the working journalists and safeguard the democratic rights of media fraternity,” he said.


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