Sadananda Gowda

Karnataka can’t release water when farmers commit suicide: Union Law Minister

Sadananda Gowda
Sadananda Gowda

Taking a biased view of the whole issue, Union Law Minister Sadananda Gowda (who hails from Karnataka) has said that it would not be possible for Karnataka to release water for Tamil Nadu’s farmers at a time when its own farmers are committing suicide.

In the past two months alone, 490 farmers have committed suicide in Karnataka. While Karnataka claims that they were suicides committed out of frustration created by not getting enough water for their agricultural needs, it is pointed by sections of the local media that the farmers were upset at not getting their agricultural loans waived off.

Reports from Karnataka also speak of paucity of water in some parts of the State. As Karnataka relies on water for meeting its electricity needs, power-cuts have been enforced in Bangalore city and elsewhere. Speaking to newsmen in Mysore, Gowda said that a situation has arisen in which Karnataka may not be able to release water for Tamil Nadu’s needs.

“Farmers’ suicide has been on the rise and in this scenario, it would be difficult for Karnataka to release water as it would only result in deaths of more farmers,” he said.



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