Abdul Kalam

Kalam to parents: help your children develop reading habits

Abdul Kalam
Abdul Kalam

Former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has urged parents in the country to spend less time in front of the television and more time with their children, helping them to develop their reading habits.

Kalam was in Madurai in connection with an event. Speaking at the packed auditorium, Kalam said “People should try and create an environment wherein natural agriculture methods are multiplied and natural foods are taken. Parents should make sincere efforts to reduce the number of hours they spend in front of television and, instead, they should spend more time with their children addressing their needs and wants.

“Time spent in watching TV can be usefully spent by sitting with children and developing their reading habits. Only when the children are used to reading books would they be knowledgeable to face the society in future. This would also enable creation of a strong society for the future,” Kalam observed.

He also added that the socio-political imbalances in the country could be removed only when today’s youths possess the requisite qualities to become tomorrow’s leaders. “Sustained growth and development of the country can be achieved only if youths become leaders and acquire leadership qualities. They should work hard in developing these qualities in them,” Kalam concluded.


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