Corrupt-ridden Congress blocks Centre’s moves out of desperation: Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress party terming it as ‘corrupt-ridden’. “It is deeply immersed in corruption that it simply blocks all the developmental moves in Parliament initiated by the Centre,” Modi said.

Addressing the International Hindi Conference in Bhopal, Modi said “Congress is wholly responsible for disturbing the proceedings of the monsoon session of Parliament. The Congress party hasn’t yet recovered from the historical electoral rout suffered in last year’s Lok Sabha elections and the subsequent defeats in some State Assembly polls. Moreover, it is caught in panic about the consequences of the Centre’s move to unearth black money.

“Corrupt-ridden Congress is obviously feeling desperate about the fall-out of the Centre’s action against black-money launderers. It is opposing the Centre’s goods and service tax bill and other bills mainly to vent out its frustration on the black-money issue. It hasn’t paid heed to requests from several quarters not to stall Parliament proceedings. At a time when the globe is passing through economic crisis, India stands majestically on its own. We should be proud of this and should make full use of this scenario,” Modi concluded.

Modi’s remarks are considered as reply to Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s remarks made at the recent Congress Working Committee meeting held in New Delhi wherein she said that Modi’s pre-poll promises to the people are ‘flying’ in thin-air.


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