Watch Interview with Nithyananda by eminent researcher – Rajiv Malhotra

Swami Nithyananda was given a chance to clear off all the allegations levelled against him when a Princeton-based researcher Rajiv Malhotra caught up with him on an interview.

In the interview Mr Mahaltra brought up all of the allegations slapped against the godman, except the one involving a sex scandal with Tamil actress Ranjitha, which surfaced last week.

Part 2(added later)

When asked about the controversy over the Bidadi ashram land, the spiritual guru said that the land was donated to his mission by Karnataka’s Sajjan Rao family in 2003. He added that the land was obtained legally and all the documents supporting this land transfer were with the ashram.

The interviewer, who is also disciple of the Swamiji, asked him to put up all the documents on his website so that things are clear to the people.

“Will publish immediately,” the Swami promised.

‘No crime involved in Canadian devotee’s death’

On the mysterious death of a Canadian devotee, Nithayanada reiterated what was said earlier by the ashram that the death was an accident.

The devotee had a habit of sitting on the parapet wall, and he did not listen to the ashram inmates’ repeated advises against it, the Swamiji said, adding that one day when he fell from the parapet wall.

“He was immediately rushed to hospital, where he was declared brought dead,” Nithyananda informed.

The police and the family are convinced that it was an accident and there was no crime involved, he stated.

‘No one is being held forcibly at the ashram’

Terming the reports claiming that youngsters being held forcibly at this ashram as ‘pure lies’, Nithyananada said, “Everybody is there willingly. If they want to leave, they are free to leave.”

The inmates first fill up applications for admission into ashram. Youngsters are also expected to submit a consent letter from the parents, the Swami added.

This was in reference to the media reports suggesting that people are being held at the ashrams against their will, which accounts to human rights violations.

Swami stealing sandalwood?

On sandalwood charges, Swami Nithyananda clarified that that it is just a ‘situation’ and nothing more than that.

The bidadi ashram, which is filled with sandalwood trees, had invited the attention of some thieves. The thieves, who stole a tree, had left some pieces lieing around, he said.

After the theft a police complaint was lodged and the forest department was intimated, the Swamiji said. But now the authorities are claiming that they should have been informed about the pieces of sandalwood left there also, he added before terming it a ‘situation’ and nothing more.

The godman also dismissed other allegations of amassing wealth and Tamil Nadu rape charges in an interview devised by the researcher, who admitted that he wanted to hear the other side of the story as against the things being reported in the media.



  1. Anonymous

    So much charges ?? i was not aware.I thought there was only the sex video issue.What is the answer to that is what we are eagerly awaiting. Is it true/false.

  2. Anonymous

    This video is from the Production house of Nithyanandha

    Rajiv Malhotra is the founder of Infinity Foundation,which promotes Hindu traditions and culture.Nothing wrong in promoting that, We too support you

    But not in this case. Nithyananda has to come out of his godman image to public and answer the press,

  3. Anonymous

    This interview looks completely framed and one sided. There were no specific questions about the sex scandal and the actress involved in it and how close she was to this so called swami…
    Only a deaf and dumb blind fool will accept this interview..

  4. Anonymous

    saamy "everything to the public" "everything to be public" solrengale.Apadiye Ranjitha kooda iruntha bitum publicla udungalen?

  5. Subu

    Dear Devotees of Swami

    1. I appreciate your support to the swami. This is amazing !

    2. It is great to see you people stand up against the atheist crowd

    However you have to acknowledge the following

    3. The Ashram has NOT handled the Public Relations (PR) in the best possible manner… Probably they were shocked. They did not expect the attack… the attackers were well organised ….

    4. For almost 1 week, the enemy called the shots. The ashram was almost silent for 1 week. Media frenzy fed the masses. The rebuttals that are coming up today should have come up 1 week ago.

    5. Some portions of the common society exhibited what it is best in doing …believe yellow journalism . They NEED NOT support the swamy. I do NOT expect them to…but they could have reserved judgment …. but they did not

    It is time you people sit up and act.
    IF you believe that the Swamy needs support and is innocent
    PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING immediately ———————————————————————————————————–

    6. There are 100s and 1000s of supporters of the swami all around the world. Start writing blogs, letters to your members of parliament, letters to your MLAs in favour of the swamy and AGAINST public display of IN APPROPRIATE VIDEOS which amounts to sale / publication of pornography. Sun TV, Nakkeeran and their ilk have no rights to publicaly display videos that would not pass a normal censor / self censor

    7. There seem to be many well wishers who are ready to serve the swami. These people should record their views and publish them them on blogs, you tube and 100s of other media available

    8. The ashram and or devotees should take / buy advert space in prominent dailies and explain their view point

    9. The ashram / devotees should seek a stay on false publication / publication of matters that are sub judice . The matter has been referred to the police. Media has no right to talk ill of the swamy till the case is decided

    Please take these steps immediately



  6. Anonymous

    dont be like a frog in the well, there is a bigger world outside,

    No idiot is a supreme power, live your life for yourself. dont waste time on supporting this fucker.

    And especially Subu .. no one is supporting your fucker swami, though we are from the same religion, we are not ready to accept some one who fakes himself.

  7. Anonymous

    And Subu…

    Are you blind and deaf? Do you not see what was on the video and are you foolish enough to believe that the recording is morphed/doctored?
    You sound like an intelligent person, you need to understand that it is difficult if not impossible to morph/edit this type of video recordings. All the interviews are one-sided and even then the Conman is not replying the questions asked, he is giving his bullshit sweet talks.
    Listen to the Conman's talk on 2010 New Year, he keeps repeating the same message over and over again for nearly 30 minutes…the same thing during the Sivaratri message…same thing being repeated. He is loosing his capability to con people with new messages.
    You do not want to be part of this BS Team so, stop asking innocent people to support these idiots's activities; or you'll be doomed along with them.
    The Conman and his teams all over the world are paying the price of cheating people in the name of spirituality….the legal term for this activity is called CBT (Criminal Breach of trust).

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