Watch CS Amudhan venkat prabhu controversy April fool drama at NDTV hand up with Sudhish kamath

Watch CS Amudhan venkat prabhu controversy final episode

The big promo drama created on behalf of Goa and Tamil padam

If you had missed the earlier parts  of this episodes of fun. Watch it here.

CS Amudhan -Shiva Interview

Venkat Prabhu-Premji interview

Engallukke kulla koduthaaa Sudhish Kamathkku Thanks  for a wonderful drama creation .90% of viewers who had visited the site had watched the full video,Which is an surprising number to us too.

Happy entertaining!!!



  1. Anonymous

    It was really excellent on the part of Kolly Theater to cover each and every movement in the film industry….
    Careful buddies dont get caught in the hands of Kolly…

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