Vivek shares a joke from Seedan

Vivek in Seedan
Vivek in Seedan

‘Padikkadhavan’ and ‘Uthamaputhiran’ bring back memories of the thrilling combo of Dhanush-Vivek and soon they will be seen in Seedan releasing this February 25th.Padma Shri Vivek has the role of Gumbidi Swamy in the film. Here is an excerpt from the interview we had with the comic star who was at his best and mind you it was off screen.

Hi Vivek please tell us a bit about your role in the movie.

I play a saamiyaar in the movie and have tried my best to do justice to the role; I have tried to stay away from mocking any religion or sentiments associated with sensitive issues. Comedy ironical is a serious business. You will see me in a bright, colorful attire and bindis just wait for it.

So Gumbidi Swamy is fake isn’t he?

You will see in the climax that Gumbidi Swamy plays an instrumental role in setting things right with Dhanush .Haha, he is actually a character who steals to earn his meals everyday. Dhanush is smart and blackmails the poor swamy.

Do you find that it is a different game all together  playing the role of a sidetrack comedian compared to someone who plays a very prominent role in the plot?

Over the years I have acted across both kind of roles in movies. As far as I see it this is all about what really works for the movie and what clicks with the audience first and foremost.

There is independence in scripting when playing a side track, and there is much more focus and inputs involved playing a major role in a movie. It depends what I am called for there is certainly a difference.

One dialogue for the kollytalkers from the movie please.

“Mattu Verattina Jallikattu, Aattu Verattina Thalapakattu,”

You really love this don’t you?

You bet. I want to share this one too,

There is this cell phone joke in Seedhan the movie where Gumbidi Swamy steals a cell phone owned by Mayilsamy who has a Thailand number for his phone. After stealing it he swallows it and soon when Mayilsamy returns he starts searching for the phone. In a desperate attempt after he gives up totally he eventually tries to destroy the phone .The attempt results in so much smoke out of Gumbidi’s mouth, ears and nose. Haha, poor fellow. This saamiyaar is different from the ones I did in the past it is refreshing, hopefully you will love it.

Thank you for a lovely time Vivek we are definitely looking forward to this one.One thing is certain that you surely know how to keep your fans happy; they will surely have something to say to you soon after they watch you onscreen, our best wishes with you.



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