Vishal talks on the CCL controversy and upcoming movies Interview

Vishal talks on the CCL controversy and upcoming movies – Interview

Vishal talks on the CCL controversy and upcoming movies Interview

Vishal is set to complete shooting for his project Samaran which has Trisha in the lead. We caught up with the actor on the sets to know more about his stint at the CCL and moreover his upcoming movies too, here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Vishal, you look really fit; the magic on the cricket field has surely been a welcome response to all your fans too.

Haha, thanks, we really had a great time.

We hear now your next project Samaran has almost been completed, could you give us an update?

Well, we have decided to shoot the last schedule at Bangkok, hopefully we will be back by mid March thereafter I will start work on my film with Sundar C.

Sounds good so could we expect the return of heroine Meera Jasmine too.

That is not for me to say right now, everything is still in the preproduction stage. We will surely let you know. Right now all I have is just a few details. The story discussion is currently on in Mahabalipuram and Devi Sri Prasad will be composing music.

Alright, so coming back to the cricket controversies we read Sudheep tweeting, “Let’s leave it and move on! I and Vishal did have a talk and he was (sad) about the gestures that were pointed at our dugout from a few of their team members. We are friends first and teams next.” What do you have to say about that?

There had been allegations that there was foul play on the part of the Chennai Rhinos by some of the members, personally I would just say I don’t think so after all, winning and losing is the game of cricket and it is the same with any game”

So true, we agree.

As a matter of fact I totally agree with Sudheep, everyone enjoyed the game to the fullest. Jeeva mentioned he has not worked so hard for a film yet. At the end of the day the best team takes it away our.

Exactly cheers to you again, we were there too and we could not believe that in a small town like Kochi, we had to squeeze in for space thanks to a huge turnout.

More surprising is the fact that the TRPs of CCL matches have skyrocketed and surpassed even those of IPL matches.

Wow fabulous, so before you wish to leave anything you want to say to your fans reading this?

I am really glad that Kollywood fans came out in numbers to support us during the matches; hoping that I will have an even greater turn out for my upcoming ventures too, thank you.

 Thanks, Vishal.


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