Vikram interview on Deiva Thirumagal

VikramDeiva Thirumagal directed by A.L. Vijay, saw Vikram shed 15 kilos for the role and we were surprised when we met him as he has now put on weight again. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Vikram the last time we met, you looked so fit, what’s happening to you diet?

Oh yes! Thanks to my spicy and fatty foods treat on my recent visit to Scotland. Check out my bulky arms. Haha, actually I am doing Raja Paatai with Suseendhran, where I am a gym instructor, the roles requires a bulky physique.

We must tell you you got fabulous pair of biceps no wonder it is the perfect role for you. So let us talk a bit on your upcoming release. Do you think your relationship with your children has helped you understand your role better?

I consider myself to be the best father in the world and I share a very close bond with my children. It is just a translation of my real life equation on to the screen in Deiva Thirumagal.

Could you elaborate the experience performing alongside your co-stars?

Well, Sweetie (Anushka) and Amala Paul are actually not paired with me I say this because my real pair is with chinna Sarah, who is absolutely amazing.

Really? The little wonder sounds promising.

Looking at your past your mind-blowing onscreen chemistry with Trisha in Saami was really the hot topic of the town could we expect the same chemistry this time around too?

Do you think so? You know a lot of my fans tell me my chemistry with Aishwarya Rai was much more alluring than with Abhishek Bachchan in Raavan! Haha.

You are really at your mischievous best today aren’t you?


It is well known amongst the industry insiders that you really choose a script after giving it a long thought. What was so attractive about Deiva Thirumagal?

Well in the first place I always like to do challenging roles. For me the joy in my work is always about innovating. During Vijay’s narration of the story, I sensed that the movie was more than an entertainment extravaganza. Let’s not forget I also have a responsibility towards the society as an actor.

Sounds good, you play a character who suffers from a mental disorder in the movie. How was it getting into the shoes of the character?

Well Krishna suffers from a developmental disorder and is the father of a six-year-old child. Before even attempting the role I visited a few homes for the mentally challenged like Vidya Sagar and Vidya Sudha for almost a month and observed their body language jotted down details. When I communicated with them I realized some of them have impaired speech and surely I wanted to pick up nuances of their communication. Thanks to my wife Shailaja, who is a psychologist she helped me out with great tips.

Is it true that the censor board sent you a bouquet after watching your movie?

Yes, and you know I heard it was the first time the members of the board sent a bouquet to an actor as appreciation. I felt honored. It was a great moment nevertheless.

Could we say your movie is an offbeat experimental art movie?

It is not an art film, as misunderstood by many. It has the right mix of humor, sentiment, romance and great music by G.V. Prakash. Moreover there are excellent visuals by Nirav Shah. It is a true commercial entertainer which has been handled in a realistic way by Vijay.

Any more movies that are lined up that we don’t know of?

I have signed a socio-fantasy film, Karikalan and another movie with Vijay.

So much is happening for you in Kollywood. So post Raavan do you also plan to do more Bollywood flicks?

I’m very grateful to Mani Ratnam who launched me in Bollywood. Although I have got several offers in Hindi post-Raavan, my interest always will be with Tamil cinema. Thank you.

Thank you Vikram for a fabulous time. Our best wishes for your upcoming release Deiva Thirumagal which hopefully will be a benchmark for the filmmakers of tomorrow.



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