Vikram’s interview on ‘Raavanan’

vikram's interview on raavanan

Vikram is eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Raavanan’. Vikram famously known as the perfect man is a living example of the saying ‘There is no shortcut to successes. Chiyaan Vikram opens up in an interview with him.

What is your current state of mind?
(Smiles) I am flying, thrilled and intoxicated

What are the things that you learnt in the last two years working with Mani Rathnam?
I learnt the most important thing that your film should do the talking and not you. I have started to love and enjoy my profession more.

What if Mani were to call you for his next film?
I would first ask him if the shooting is in forests (Laughs). Just kidding, but frankly I can’t wait for him to repeat me in his next film.

Have you come to terms with the adulation and attention that you’ve getting as a pan Indian actor with ‘Raavanan’?
National media is not new to me. I had a tryst with the media in Mumbai and Delhi when my Anniyan dubbed into Hindi as Aparachit released. But as far as ‘Raavanan’ goes, I can’t dream of a better launch vehicle and platform than this. The kind of respect and admiration that I’m getting with ‘Raavanan’ is truly exhilarating

There is a huge expectation on ‘Raavanan’? Does that put a burden on you?
Not at all, as there are big names like Mani Rathnam, Abhi and Ash who are a part of the film. So I am not over burdened. And as far as expectations go, I can assure you that no one will be disappointed. Mani’s beautiful canvas, Santhosh Sivan’s visually stunning frames, Rahman’s outstanding songs and BGM will all be a treat.

Which is your favorite song in the album?
It is undoubtedly Usire Paguthey in Tamil and Behene De in Hindi.

Do you worry that you will be compared with Abhishek?
That will not happen and it’s unfair to compare. We are two different actors with different body language and acting style.

Veera or Dev. Which character did you enjoy doing more?
Veera was more challenging in terms of acting and language. There was a lot which I could add to the character of Veera as he is powerful, menacing and strong. Dev is a stylish cop and I enjoyed doing that too. My biggest challenge was Hindi and when the dialogue writer called me up and said that my dubbing is perfect, I was thrilled. Now I am waiting for audience response especially from Hindi audiences.

How was it working with Abhi and Ash?
They are two beautiful people who are extremely professional. I am completely in awe of them.



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    i cant wait the release of raavan and raavanan!! i'm so excited!! gonna see the movie of first day, if possible first show!!

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