Vijay’s upcoming movies will have a social message


Vijay’s suspected political image is all over everyone’s minds and look at what the actor has opted for, a movie with a social theme.We caught up with the actor for a chat here is an excerpt.

Vijay your movie as we hear has a social theme to it.  Was it a conscious effort from your side?

Along with entertainment elements, my upcoming movies will surely carry ingredients which would make people to think more about their society. The movies will have a good message for the society.

Has your father’s choice of movies influenced you with time?

My father whose films have revolved around social themes would always tell me to opt for films with a prominent message in them. I think this is it.

He also confessed,

But I was reluctant so far as I concentrated on entertainers alone.

Kaavalan is aiming a Pongal release we know you will be the show stealer for sure. What about the rest of your cast?

Well the treatment by Siddique will be the highlight of the movie for sure. Vadivelu will surely bring the roof down. It is a wholesome film suitable for family viewing.

Oh yes we read about the it getting the U certificate we wish you good luck Vijay for your release.

Thank you.

On our way back we still wondered if this was a start to the political path that was rumored before and soon denied by Vijay’s father, is it all a part of the political fuss. Keep watching this space for more.



  1. aravind

    surely u would cm out the mess and rock again..though u r not in the league of talents u r a very very good entertainer as Sharuk…..u rock mannnn

  2. Fan

    @Aravind, u r 1000000% true, he is a great entertainer of tamil film industry….. he will come again.. in 2011…..

  3. முனியாண்டி

    இவனோட படத்துல இருக்குற கொடுமைகள் பத்தாதென்னு இன்னும் கொடுமைகளா ?

  4. aravind

    guys dont talk ill abt any actors…all of them a t for fame and money only…..just i like to see sm social responsiablity frm these guys bcas they can really make difference….each and ever actor is very much over paid………i had a chance to interact with a new popular hero…he is very much amazed by the fame and money…he had acted in only 5 flims……he openly disclosed that all the actors are over paid and he reveals that actors must return back smthing to the society…….he openly told that many of the youngsters waste their time and money in the name of fan club…….consider us as u r fellow human not as the super hero as in flims……

  5. aravind

    guys he is surely a good entertainer…the only problem with vijay is he is getting caried over by mass hero status……just ask him to act according to the story needs…remember kadhaluku mariyathi is the turning point in his whole cinema life…….the guy who is responsible for his downfall is Perarasu who mislead him to such a downfalll……vijay dont take u r fans for granted……….as Rajini said romba uyarama pogumpothu panivu vendum……past is past…i like to see u as good entertainer again…hope kavalan would turn u r bad time….

  6. sanjeev007

    nee ungga amma pundayilea un sunniyea vekka modhu enaku call pannuda ennoda periya kunjea un amma mouth lae vekkeran

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