Vijay’s Recent Political Interview exclusive: I am working for a strong foundation

I am making myself ready in order to enter politics. When people are interested to see me in politics,I will enter. Vijay is currently busy working in the Malayalam remake of ‘Bodyguard’. The film is titled ‘Kaavalkaran’ and the shooting is going on in full sprit. At this instance Vijay has given a rocking interview. He said:-

The main motive of me starting people welfare group was to help the poor people in Tamilnadu. All my fans needed an identity card in order to get to do the fullest of the activities. My fans are involved in various activities such as providing computers for education, conducting free wedding for the poor. I am not interested in advertising or bringing these welfare activities to light. Those activities will continue day by day at a faster rate as a silent army. I am also in touch with all my district officers every month”.
I just want hundred truthful youngsters, I will change the whole India’ were the words told by Swami Vivekananda. I like the strength and self confidence in those lines. I am also indulged in the same policy. I want youngsters who are truthful and care for the society for my welfare group. I generally put in my 100 percent in whatever activities I get involved. I consider for everything there is a right time and situation. Politics is a vast ocean with high tide, if anyone wants to swim to the shore; you have to face lots of problems. I am making myself ready for those problems. I am learning the politics lesson and I making my group also ready for it. Always there should be a strong foundation. Now I am working on the foundation”.
When people feel that if Vijay enters politics it would be good, I will enter and perform. If I take one decision, even I won’t change it on a second thought. This is not just a cinema dialogue, its fact. If there is a problem for people, I will be there to fight for them in the lead. There no change in it. People have taken me to heights and kept me in the horizon, I am ready to fight for them at any instance. People consider me as one among their family members. If there is a problem, I will directly get in the field and fight for them. If won’t let down the Tamil people and my dear fans at any instance”.

For the past few years, Vijay has been frequent in the politics rumors. At times he speaks of politics and then withdrew. Few months back Vijay was involved in a conversation with the Congress part.And The situation were in favor of Vijay to enter politics, with the news  that came out Vijay would be  joining Congress and will lead the youth Congress. At that instance when Rahul Gandhi visited Tamilnadu, he announced  we would be happy to have Vijay in Congress, but will  not be able to give the post as per the actors demand. Putting a question mark at that moment.

Tamil groups outside India was not happy with the tie up of the actor with Congress and thretaened they would not screen Vijay’s movies if he joins Congress. Soon after that, Vijay in an interview state “I met Rahul Gandhi and spoke with him about my welfare activities and politics. I told him that I will come to politics in future. He is a good friend of mine”.

The news is so hot and everyone is eagerly waiting for Vijay’s next comments about future.



  1. Anonymous

    wat nonsense yaar…this useless vijay..shit man..wat a pathetic situation happening in India. This vijay is cmg to politics…nowadays any Tom, Dick and Harry are coming to Politics…

  2. Vikky

    Pls dont compare this idiot with Rajini. This brat thinks he is the next Rajini and makes fool of himself. Rather than coming into politics he could at least try acting! in some good movies which are of good values to the society.

    If someone is entering into politics he is either looking to make money or really trying to help the society. This fcuking jackass is fit for nothing. What is he trying to do??

    He already has a position in the film industry & rich and mean. What more does this stupid dork want?

  3. Anonymous

    vijay is a man who is fit for every thing.he has really done many good things for people.he has consistency to do (ongotha thevidiya pasangala) just dono about anything fuckers and suckers

  4. Anonymous

    Explain what good things vijay has done for people….how many computers he has donated for poor and how many free marriages he has conducted (promoting himself is like 10 times more than the social service)

    stop abusing and explain ……..

  5. Anonymous

    I sincerely pray this is something like the prank played Venkat Prabhu and C S Amudhan and nothing serious.

    His kudummai in movies are enough and we dont want to see this useless fellow venturing into politics.. but I am sure general Tamil Nadu people are intelligent enough and will not support him unlike his fans.. I sincerely pray for Vijay Fans to get matured and think about developing India and not to give it away in the hands of these fools.. Just because you are his fans you should not support him if he is venturing in politics since film is different and politics is different…

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