Vijay interview Nanban

Vijay speaks on Nanban interview

Vijay interview Nanban

Director Shankar’s Nanban will soon have it’s grand audio launch event at the Hindustan college, Coimbatore this 23rd.The music album will be revealed at Harris Jayaraj’s concert  titled Harris: On The Edge ‘LIVE’. We caught up with Nanban hero Vijay who speaks to us about the incidents on the Nanban sets, his past choices before entering the film industry and a lot  more.Read on….

Hi Vijay, you look dazzling as ever,

Oh thanks,

Let’s quickly move on to the questions we have been waiting to ask you, we know you are really busy, shall we?

Sure, go ahead.

Beginning with your choice to be an actor, was your family always supportive of it, was it a tough decision?

Well, appa and amma never really advised me taking up acting as a career. It was in class 12th I realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life; I never looked back since then.

Wow, so you really fought hard and chased your dreams.

Yes, exactly, I chose to dream and I knew I wanted it so badly; the movie also has a similar story to tell you. Don’t miss it.

Definitely not, since you mentioned it is similar, is it your story in a way?

Not that way, but it has a theme that is close.

What caught your attention in particular?

To be specific, I would mention it is the script. Every role I do I always have a look at the script first.

So you are ready to work with anyone if the script is fine.


Sounds good, how has the experience been working with Shankar Sir?

He is one amongst the best I have ever met. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. To say the least, it was a great experience.

We are glad you have finally worked with him, would you like to tell your fans about the songs from the movie, and of course they would love it if you share your favorites.

Harris Jayaraj has done a wonderful job this time.If you ask me my favourites I’d say, I liked the Tamil version of ‘Zubi Dubi’ and also ‘Aska aska’.

So which of them is a must listen for you.

I should not be saying this but right now it is the ‘Kolaveri’ song.

That is no surprise it really has become a phenomenon isn’t it ? And of course the mesmerizing lyrics.

Haha. It is addictive I agree.

If you were to share one special moment during the shoots what would it be?

Let me think, well, hmm… you know the last shot of the movie; I mean the last scene required us to get emotional. We were all set for this and suddenly Jeeva said something so funny, I was struck with a laugh-a-thon, you won’t believe the crew lost 20 minutes and waited for me to finish. It was something I cannot forget.

Haha, you surely have a great friend in Jeeva, don’t you?

He has been a great friend on and off sets for sure.

So now back with your family you must be planning a lot?

We just went out for ‘The Adventures of Tintin’. I really love playing tennis and cricket with my kids. I make the most of it when I am with them.Well, I am running a bit late shall I see you back soon.

Thank you for your time Vijay it was a pleasure, hope you enjoy your coming days to the fullest.


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