Vidya Balan a worry for Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara says Santhosh Sivan


Santhosh Sivan in an exclusive interview to kollytalk reveals the roles of his characters in the movie and his latest worries. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Santosh Sir so you must be really excited about Urumi, any reasons for such a preference for the title?

Well, Urumi in your place which I guess is Tamil Nadu refers to a musical instrument as you know, whereas in Kerala it is associated with a weapon more or less. The choice seemed good as I am releasing the movie in Malayalam and Tamil and the title is flexible in a way you know what I mean?

Perfect guess! Oh yes definitely Sir we are getting a hang of it. So what about the Telugu title?

The Telugu version will be titled 15am Nootru Aandu Urai Vaal.

Recently we had a awesome time looking at the superb trailer of Urumi. Everyone is evermore interested in knowing more about Arya’s role after they saw him in the trailer, what do you have to say about his role?

All I can really say at the moment is that he has roared like a hungry lion. I would like to keep it as suspense. Please be patient till April arrives.

We hear the movie is a commercial venture could you elaborate a little on the script Sir?

Yes it is .It is quite a story that revolves around the changes post Vasco Da Gama’s entry into India, after the Hindu kings who post 27 years of persistent efforts in those times had a established trade exchange for the in demand spices like pepper, chilies and cloves.The scenes are set in 15th century and have shades of the India’s political scene and trade system back then..

So we will be back in time. Sir what do you have to say about Genelia’s and Tabu’s role in the movie, they seem to be your best choice?

For a brief she will be playing a princess, she has been trained in martial arts and horse riding intensely prior to the movie. As for Tabu her dance is quite sensuous and will be a highlight. Watch out.

Deepak Dev will be giving music for the movie, how have the songs been?

There are a total of 5 song sequences we shot and the action sequences will be of a different variety. I am satisfied with the outcome it has really come out well.

We are glad to share your happiness. You know we can’t leave you without asking you about Prabhu Deva this is the last one for you today before we conclude , please tell us a bit, would you Sir?

Haha, Prabhu Deva, will portray Prithviraj’s close friend and a Muslim in the movie. The second half of the movie is where you need to keep an eye on since Prabhu is in full flight by then. I really like his comical side in the movie.

Now since this is the last one I would like to tell you that his romance with Vidya Balan has been extremely sensuous and to be honest I am a bit worried as Nayanthara may get angry after she sees this. Hope fully she won’t. Thank You.

Thank you sir. Ooh la la! Now you have certainly worried Nayan fans, thankfully she is not a part of your movie. Our best wishes for the mega starrer Urumi.



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