Venkat Prabhu to team up with Ilayaraja

Venkat Prabhu to team up with Ilayaraja

Venkat Prabhu who was recently in news for his famous Santa Claus look has tasted hair-sprouting success befitting his cutting edge efforts for Thala’s 50th flick – Mankatha. After coming together for five movies with Thala, his latest Mankatha association is re-writing records even though the movie is just into its second week at the theaters. We caught up with the director to know more on his latest release and here is what he had to say.

Hi Prabhu Sir first of all we would like to congratulate you on your super release Mankatha.


How has the support from your team been?

Well, everyone did a great job. Above all I would really like to thank Ajith and Premji who surely delivered more than expected. Their contribution to the comedy and dance in my movie are irreplaceable.

So how come you zeroed upon Ajith, what was his reaction on playing such a role?

See the moment I proposed to him a negative role, he agreed immediately.

Was Thala’s tough look your recommendation Sir?
Well partially.

So who else was behind it?

Haha, it is not a crime to have a beard is it? Anyways many of his fans in Hollywood also told him he looked good in the salt and pepper avatar they often tell him about how his looks match George Clooney’s.

Indeed, that beard has been George’s favorite for a longtime. Well, do you think Mankatha will survive after all Ajith has been in news for intending to dissolve his fan club?

You know he knows exactly what he is doing. He is not region bound as other stars, well frankly speaking I recently had a discussion where we sat down for over half an hour, although the matters discussed are personal to us I would just like to tell you that he has a great plan and he has begun his journey already.

Well, we would really love to get a bigger scoop on what you discussed but looks like you will stay tight lipped about it.

The question is not what was discussed, see someone like Ajith can change the political game and he has the power to completely use the best amongst his fans to better use and do something great for the nation.

So do you mean Thala will enter politics soon?

I think it’s not right to comment on such matters. When the time will come you will know and I’m sure Thala will be more than happy to announce the same personally if he does have any such plans in his mind.

Well, steering towards another question Venkat Sir, your fans want to know if they can expect an Ilayaraja – Venkat Prabhu collaboration soon.

It is in utmost delight that I wish to tell them I am surely thinking about a movie with Isaignani. More importantly the script will be centered on the songs which will be the highlight. Well, Pavataarani, Karthik Raja, Prem and Yuvan have been involved in the re-recording too. So why not, of course!

Oh yes and the songs have a majestic effect.

What can I say about Yuvan’s talent? Certainly his father’s blessings have been with all of us through his son.

Recently Tamil cinema has surely caught up with the trend of shooting movies based around village stories in a quite rural setup, do you have any similar plans too?

See as I studied in London I really was not much in touch with the village folk here, but yes my father made sure I stayed connected as he used to tell me tales about them. I will be shooting something on the same theme soon.

Wow, wonderful you are so lucky to have your dad tell you about the villages, is he your guru too when it comes to directing?
In a way he has a great contribution but I would equally like to give credit to Linguswamy and Samuthirakani for being such loving gurus. I always make a big effort to learn from the best directors around.

Venkat Sir before we conclude we would like to know about that dream project you always have in mind.

Well, for a longtime I have this dream of making a superb movie for children, thanks to my inspiration Steven Spielberg. Hopefully it will be soon.

We wish you best on your future collaborations and hope each one of them result in amazing collaborations. Have a great day Sir, thanks for your valuable time.


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