Vega wants to turn a pilot in real life

Actress Vega
Actress Vega

It seems the cockpit is the latest attraction for the K town girls, very recently we brought you news about Trisha who fulfilled sitting inside the cock and now it is sexy babe Vega who wants to do it professionally.

Actress Vega, who debuted in Venkat Prabhu’s Saroja a few years back and later played a significant role in director Pandiraj’s award-winning film Pasanga, is currently having a ball opposite Bharat in Vaanam, which apparently is also a remake of the Telugu super hit Vedam.

This sweetie has her ambitions way up in the sky these days. News is she wants to become a pilot.Below is a part of our chit chat with her over the phone.

Hey Vega is it true that you are training to become a pilot soon?

It has been my childhood dream of becoming a pilot and I am pursuing it.

I am really trying hard to fulfill this long cherished dream and am undergoing training for the same.

Despite your urban upbringing, you managed to play a character quite unfamiliar to your surroundings in Pandiraj’s Pasanga. There is one thing we wanted to ask you, do you plan to return to Tamil soon anytime soon after your current ambitions are fulfilled?

Well, to tell you the truth if I don’t manage to get enough number of film offers even after completing my pilot training, maybe I would find it hard to turn back to movies.I would prefer to fulfill my ambition of becoming a pilot.

Thanks you for the confirmation.

Well Vega isn’t that an unjustified equation to yearn for a pilot certification and at the same time dream for a movie offer at the same time.

Well, girl keep up your toothy smile as always we are sure it will take you places in the days to come. Best of luck.



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