Vega about her career and upcoming Vaanam


We had a chat with the cherubic Vega who will be seen in the upcoming multi starrer Vaanam.Here is an excerpt from our chat with her.

You have done 2 movies in the last three years, is it all a matter of choice?

Yes. What’s the hurry anyways? I’m taking my time to sign Tamil films. After Saroja, Pasanga and a multi-starrer like Vaanam, I don’t want to work on a film that will disappoint the audience.I will wait for the right movies to come by.

Director Krish has cast you as Lasya, a musician in the movie, anything more you would like to tell us about the character?

Lasya has a military background, but is into music big time. She’s a strong-headed, stylish, tomboyish rocker chick! She’s more like me in real life because even I’m stubborn and enjoy rock music to the fullest. So, it wasn’t difficult getting into the skin of the character, unlike in Pasanga, in which I played Shobikannu, a demure teacher.

Have you seen Vedam do you have a similar role did by Lekha Washington in the movie?

I saw Vedam only once and that too, before signing the Tamil remake.To tell you frankly I didn’t consciously try to either copy or stay away from Lekha’s mannerisms in the original. I just followed Krish’s instructions as he had made a few changes to suit the Tamil audience. This Lasya is MY Lasya and you can’t really take it away from me.

We know you really love that role don’t you?How was it working along Bharath in the film?

He’s down-to-earth and I had good fun working with him. We shot a song in Hyderabad last year when the weather was extremely cold. It was a rain sequence and we were shooting it during the night. It was freezing and after every shot, Bharath and I ran near the huge lights and generators to keep us warm. After we finished shooting, we dragged Krish into the water! We used to sing and dance for half-an-hour every day after the shoot.

How did it feel acting with some mega stars like Bharath, Simbu, Anushka and Prakash Raj ?

Vaanam is the story of five characters and they all come together in the climax. So, I had the opportunity to work with Simbu and Anushka for a few days. Seeing them act was quite an experience.It was great fun the same time.

We hear Vega you are also gearing up for the release of Chittagong, directed by Bedabrata Pain, in Bollywood and it seems to be on the same lines of Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Say .

Yes the film is now making the rounds in the festival circuit; post which it will have a commercial release. Honestly,in comparison, Chittagong is far superior to Khelein. Everyone has good things to say about our film.I am sure it will do well.

We surely hope it does well and wish have a great year ahead in 2011.



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