Veerapandian on his movie Avargalum Ivargalum

Avargalum Ivargalum
Avargalum Ivargalum

Real life incidents as a matter of fact are the biggest inspiration for creative juices to flow and it surely is the case with Veerapandian’s (past assistant to Agathiyan)new movie Avargalum Ivargalum we spoke to him and this is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Sir could you tell us a bit about your movie?

The movie is a page from my friend’s life; it is a real story that will leave the audience mesmerized when they walk out of the theatres.

What is the theme of the movie sir is it a love story?

Yes, the shoots happened in areas like Nagercoil, Virudhachalam and Vizag, throughout the shoots we had Chennai in our picture as it was essential to the script. The script revolves around the after effects of decisions taken by a duo who get married against their parents will.It will be a different movie in the sense that I won’t be judging them on their morally correct or incorrect behavior.

Wow, that sounds interesting, how long did it take for the shoots there sir?

Oh we made sure the 50 days we put were the best with respect to our efforts and i am glad it didn’t take longer.

50 days seems quick.Anything you want to tell your audience before we conclude sir?

Thanks.Well, Agathiyan will play a government doctor in my film. Watch out for his new avatar. Thanks.

Now, that is some news isn’t it ?

Aafter all being an assistant to Agithyan Sir has its share of merits.Best of luck to your sir.


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