Vasundhra Chiyertra talks on Thenmerku Paruvakattru

Vasundhra ChiyertraVasundhra Chiyertra, the girl whose attire resembles a Mumbaikar is  actually  from Tanjore.  After making a round in Vattaram and Peranmai  is now eagerly expecting the release of ‘Thenmerku Paruvakattru’

Thenmerkku Paruvakaatru, Directed by Seenu Ramasamy of ‘Koodal Nagar’  while  Sethu, a Koothu Pattarai-trained actor, plays the lead and Veteran actress Saranya plays a pivotal role, around whom the entire film revolves.

The actress spoke to media on Thenmerkku Paruvakaatru

How did youbag the role for Thenmerkku Paruvakaatru..

Seenu Ramasamy sir was  looking for a heroine who could dub in Tamil. And For the audition, they asked me to come in a sari. I went dressed up in a modern chiffon with prints sari assuming it would be a modern character. I had gotten the costume wrong but they felt that I would be able to play the character. More than being apprehensive, I was rather fascinated  when director sir narrated me the story. He told not just my part, but the entire story, the characters and even the dialogues, which gave me confidence. And my mom had been saying, ‘You can’t call yourself a Tamil actress unless you do a village girl role’.

Is Your character in the film a Village Girl...

Yes,I play a village girl from Theni who is very bold outside but pretty conservative at home., she accepts whatever her brothers and sisters-in-law say at home but when she goes out, she behaves arrogantly with an I-can-do-whatever-I-want and my brothers are behind me attitude.

Did you do any special preparation for the role

Seenu sir  gave me a long list of movies to watch to prepare for the role. Kizhakku Cheemaiyile, Subramaniapuram, his own Koodal Nagar, actress Revathy’s films and most importantly Virumaandi, which I watched eight or nine times. He asked me to notice the body language of the heroines from these films. I was not allowed to do anything that regular actresses have to do — no grooming eyebrows, no waxing, and no combing the hair.

Thenmarku Paruva Kaatru-Vasundhra ChiyertraIs that the reason the Posters show you in Dark Complexion

We went to Theni for the shoot! It is so hot there that I didn’t have to try hard to get a dark complexion

How was the experience of Shooting in Theni ?

We of the shooting was in the  interior villages of Then and I had chance to play with the goats, chicken and calves in the village and I had lots of fun. I became very close to them that many of the villagers were often calling me to eat with them,  With one lady became very friendly that she complains to me her coconut trees weren’t producing enough coconuts this year!  mingling with them helped me portray a real village girl on screen too.

Wish Thenmerkku Paruvakaatru team all the success


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