Upendra is a fine talent for our nation says Rajnikanth


Dressed in a spotless white shirt and jeans Superstar Rajnikanth walked into the theatre for a film along with a couple of friends at precisely 6.30 pm. Well we met him a little late after the movie so that we could get a fresh review by him. All this while Rockline Venkatesh was at ease to answer all our queries, read on to know more.

Mr.Venkatesh we hear that Rajni Sir was really excited to catch a glimpse of the latest Upendra flick, is it true?

A couple of month’s back I met Rajni sir and revealed to him about this film I was going to produce with Uppi as the director. After he heard the story of the film, I think he was really happy.

It has been a while since the movie released, isn’t it? He must have been planning this for long.

Oh yes! Well, as soon as he heard it was a successful story at the box office he was thrilled and asked me to hold a screening for him. He couldn’t make for the initial screening before as you know he is usually bound by his hectic schedule. To be more precise, this Friday, he was in Bangalore on a private visit and that’s when he told me he’d like to watch Super. I immediately arranged the show for him.

Outside the grand auditorium, Thalaivar who generally does not involve himself giving public interviews spoke to us exclusively. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi sir. We are waiting for a review of the movie. It is a surprised to see you here. How was the movie?

Good you should give it a shot. I like watching Upendra’s films it is not the first time. As you know he is an excellent director and a rare talent in our country. We need more films of this kind that are deeply thought-provoking. It’s amazing that a film of this scale has been made in Kannada.

Wow! That is a huge compliment for sure. You seem to be overwhelmed by the movie’s thematic setting.

If I get an opportunity and a complimenting script, I’d like to do a Kannada film in the future, for sure. There is some amazing talent here.

Nice to hear our fellow industries doing good. Sir do you have any surprises for the eager fans waiting to read this, you know we mean any Upendra – Rajni collaborations soon?

No, not yet you will know if there is any.

Thank you sir for your valuable time, and thanks for a great movie recommendation too, we will surely book our tickets soon.

My pleasure.thanks.



  1. Thalai

    Upendra indeed rare talent to our nation! I watched this Kannada movie based on Thalai’s appreciation and loved it! Our Tamil industry really needs such thought provoking cinema. Hats off to the director!

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