Trisha:It was me who decided to walk out of Gautham’s film

trisha-krishnan-InterviewTrisha was replaced with Amy Jackson Hindi remake of Gautham Menon’s Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya(VTV) all of sudden, and this is what the actress had to say.

You are all of a sudden being replaced from the Hindi remake of  VTV, What went wrong between Gautham and you ?

I had given Gautham dates from October 1 to 25 to start the shoot of VTV in Hindi. But unfortunately, he never contacted me during those dates and he has postponed the shoot to a time that clashes with  my first schedule of   Ajiths  Mankatha directed by Venkat Prabhu. And then i have a schedule at New York for Kushiga, the Telugu remake of Love Aaj Kal, with Pawan Kalyan. So at this stage, It was me who decided to walk out of Gautham’s film.

But the talk in the town says that Gowtham had roped  in Amy Jackson following a change in Script
I swear that I never knew about Amy Jackson. Who is currently doing the film is not my concern as I have walked away from it. I have no hard feelings, as Gautham had given me a fantastic role in the Tamil version, which got me critical acclaim and also box-office success.

Also people criticisng you for the  Khatta Meetha flop

Khatta Meetha was my 40th film and according to trade papers, it was not a failure as was made out to be by a section of the media. Even today, However, right from the first day of shoot, I was unhappy about the look of my character. When I told Priyan sir that my character looked like a matron wearing traditional sarees and that it won’t work as it doesn’t go with my image, he overruled my suggestions.

Didnt you say the same to Gowtham for vinnai thaandi Varuvaaya

Yes, I had differences with Gautham over Jessie’s look in VTV too. When I expressed my doubts, he clarified and said he wanted the Syrian Christian look for the character. Well, to be fair to Gautham, his script and the way he showcased Jessie worked big time.

Are you frusturated you couldnt make an entry into Bollywood like Asin?

I never said that I’m moving to Bollywood, If my intention had been to make it big in Bollywood.Like Asin, I would have shifted bag and baggage to Mumbai.Also the kind of reach A R Murgadoss and Aamir Khan gave her through Ghajini was phenomenal. At the end of the day, it’s the script and packaging that counts.



  1. Vasin

    Not just Directors; movie goers are also not so fond of her now; she must be doing something wrong; our own Tamil actress which is a rarity heads in a wrong direction; it seems.

  2. mahesh

    alll will know only to comment ill about others…. as if they are doing their work normal… stupid people…

  3. ki

    well sham, have u seen her? have u talked to her? do u KNOW her? NO? then stop making judgments and mind ur own business, instead of coming to a conclusion by reading gossips and such

  4. Vasin

    Sham is right Ki; Thrisha was on Coffee with Anu twice or rather I saw twice. She was vibrant and pretty with Vijay in the first; in the second we saw a totally different person who was boasting she was was sexy in VTV, her family is well read and perhaps more; also her tone heavy, used too much English in a Tamil interview and so on. Surely she has gone astray.  

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