Trisha says ‘Karthika was good company’ – Interview


We recently caught up with Trisha after she completed her shooting portions for the Telugu film Dammu. The actress completed her scenes shooting along with NTR and Karthika. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

So we finally get you back in Pollachi. How has the experience been?

I had Karthika, for company throughout the shoots. We would keep chatting. Her mom too is so non-star like and extremely down-to-earth and fun.

Your next shooting schedule is in Bangkok isn’t it? Could you tell us a bit about it?

Well I am shooting for this movie Samaran it will feature Vishal and is directed by Thiru.

So we will see you alongside Vishal for the first time.

Yes.This will be my first film with Vishal. We’ve always wanted to work together but things would fall out for one reason or the other. Glad that we are finally shooting together.

What do you have to say about being linked to Rana.

He is a good friend and that all that’s to it. We get along well. Although I would like to mention that I am yet to meet the right guy. I’ve not met someone my type yet and when I do I sure will let all my fans know too.

So you are single?

Yes I am happily single right now and enjoying every moment.

Recently read your twitter update hinting that you are changing your name. We are sure you are not single with so many fans around you?

Haha, the Jessie one. Yes VTV will always be a film close to my heart. You won’t believe it even today a 5 year old in Pollachi calls me Jessie. It is a lovely feeling. Everyday I thank almighty for all the good things in life.

So much for reel love! Trisha anything you want to tell your fans before you leave?

I believe in being myself, and doing my work honestly. Thank you.

Thank you Trisha for a great time, our best wishes are with you, hope you find Mr. Perfect soon.


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