Trisha on Amruth

TrishaThe gossip squads these days have Trisha’s engagement at the top of their charts. Meanwhile nothing seems to worry Trisha as she has repeatedly denied the reports of an engagement .Well we got up close with her and this is what she said.

Hi Trisha, you look gorgeous!

Thank you.

So starting off with Mankatha, how about a snippet from the movie?
Well, no snippets you have to watch the movie. On my part I have a mini role in the movie of a girl from Mumbai. I grabbed the opportunity only because I would get a chance to act alongside Ajith and work with the great Venkat Prabhu. It has been a blast nevertheless. I really enjoyed every moment shooting.

Sounds good, we also have reports that you have dubbed for Ajith’s golden jubilee film, Mankatha?

Well, Venkat Sir always said that I share a great chemistry with Ajith and our scenes together in the film were sizzling. Yes I am dubbing, he insisted that I should dub in my own voice for the movie. I was initially reluctant but agreed.

 So do you plan to go on a dubbing spree hence?

 Well, looking back, I surely regret that I did not have the confidence back then but now I hope to dub for all my Tamil films. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Oh why not you have a sweet voice, we are sure the world will know about it once Mankatha is unleashed. Moving on to your personal life, if you don’t mind who is Amruth?

Amruth is a guy from Chennai. I met him a month back through a common friend and he is a part of our gang of close friends ever since. All of us meet up to do brunches on Sundays.

You are surely enjoying your Sundays? Is the news about mommy planning engagement true?

 News about my mom finding a groom and Amruth being one of the choices is a rumor.

So is marriage on the cards?
Certainly but I have to meet ‘Mr Right’ yet but let me tell you, I’m ready for a serious relationship.  I will let the whole world know about it when it is time, nothing much happening for the moment.

Wow, congratulations, we got intelligence reports that your mobile is going to explode in few seconds the cause being a flood of calls and messages. Alert!

 Haha, thanks I will keep your advice in mind.

We got reports that you will do a Mollywood flick opposite Prithviraj?
I have no immediate dates. I will wait for the right break in Malayalam; I will take up an offer only if it’s a really exciting project.

Perfect, so did you catch up with any new releases?
Had no time to catch up with new releases but yes I will be watching Zindagi Na Mila Dobara with my mom and friends. I saw Deivathirumagal and liked it. Thank you.

Thank you Trisha for a lovely time and our best wishes for your upcoming movies, bye.





  1. guy

    hear from a fren in the film industry tat one actress is planning to sue kollytalk for publishing fake interview of her.. is this a fake one as well?

    come on.. we all know trisha neva gave this interview..

  2. Tudor

    Trisha took a drugs with some film stars in Adhrapradesh and had a sex with them… Shame on her. Get lost bitch.

  3. Smile

    Appo lololaiku than sonangala???Naan kooda unmaiyonu nambitean.Looks like she is dating someone.It could be Amruth….who knows??Ippo just friends-nu sollvanga then love panna arambichutomnu solvanga.Ethellam sagajamappa….


  4. Smile

    Is that true or a rumour???I thought she was a homely girl(apart from cinema)and hails from a respectable family….

  5. Vasin

    Ha Ha Aravind You are getting increasingly naughty these days man…I enjoyed your comment ‘Sonia is a call girl in London’…

  6. Tudor

    Yes. It is true. You must search for the video in jollyboy26 in youtube.. Once police had found her phone number from one of the druged actor from Andhraprdesh…  May be u can find the article from Junior vidakan too.

  7. june

    not sure who to blame, kollytalk or trisha, anyway hope you meet mr.right, its cool to find someone that is not pressured into marrying someone their parents “think” are compatible for them

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