Trisha had a great performance thanks to Kamal


Recently after a duo with Kamal Haasan in Manmadhan Ambu (MA), where she recited a poem. Trisha seems to be gathering attention from a lot of directors.

After the show we caught up with her.

Hey Trisha how was the experience?

She was only eager to share her experience and added.

“The MA audio launch in Singapore rocked,” says an excited Trisha.

“I had a blast with the whole team can’t believe Mr. Kamal made me perform with him on stage. It was one of my best shows,”

You recited a wonderful poem on stage?

“Thanks if it was not for Kama sir I would not have made it. I was the sort of person who’d pronounce ‘Tamizh’ as ‘Temil’. Now thanks to my guru, I was able to recite the entire poem in Senthamizh. I give full credit to Kamal sir for coaching me for my dialogues and the special song we have sung together in MA.”

We heard MA is a romantic comedy; tell us about your role in MA?

“I can’t say much about my character other than that I play Ambujakashi, a woman of remarkable qualities and strong will.”

She seems to be on a roll these days and has bagged the lead role in Ajith starrer Mangatha. Reportedly she even turned a down a movie just because the script did not have enough to catch her attention. The movie is Prabhu Deva’s new venture with Vishal.

As she adds “the role did not really excite me”

A Telugu flick has also been in her list of favorites and has signed up for Savithri opposite Venkatesh. Apparently she found the movie different and unusual.

Well Trisha seems to have developed a taste for roles and seems to have a critical look before deciding her next move. Great going Trisha!



  1. jamsan

    poi thukkula thongu eppadium ava mandaya potta mela varuva appa try pannu………….kirkku paya pulla kekkuthu paru kelvi

  2. Vasin

    In real life you must have a common friend to introduce to her. If not you must establish a friendship with one of her friends. If circumstances coincide or if you are an exceptional individual cinema style dramatic breaks are possible. Good Luck.

  3. Vasin

    Avan velayatuku kekaranu nenacha velayata nagareegama answer pannanum. Serious’a kakaranu nenecha hearty’a answer pannanum. Rendum illa. School’la enna sollitharangalo thamil naatla!

  4. Vasin

    Adengappa. Enna nagareegam. Oru partnership Establish Panlam polriku. I mean Usha and jamsan. Avunga ipdi than pesuvanga. Examples;

    A; Excuse me, Parthsarathi koyil entha pakkam? Usha; Theriyalna ehtukda koyluku porapatte somari.

    B; Ethla sir nalla prospects? SAP’laya SQL’laya? jamsan; Nee SQL padchu ennatha kilika pore?

    A; En paiyanuku B’day. Neenga varanum. Evening.  Usha; Naan varlena party’a cancel panniruviya? po po.

    B; Sir USA’a UK’a better? jamsan; India vleye onnale polaike mudyala. Onku US kekutha?

  5. Vasin

    Today’s Trisha Diet;

    Awakener: Starve
    Breafast: Filtered Coffe with Milk
    Brunch: Apple Juice & Cup Noodles
    Lunch: Cooked Noodles
    Tea: Starve
    Dinner: Noodles from Chinese
    Supper: Starve

    No wonder her face has lost freshness.

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