Tapsee talks about her past and present

Tapsee in he model avatar

Tapsee’s role in Aadukalam has sent chills to her competitor’s .As everyone knows by now the film features Dhanush in the lead role and is doing well at the box office. Here is an excerpt from our interview with her she talks about her modeling days to her current favorite times in Madurai. Read on to know more.

Hi! Tapsee. Could you tell us how you got started in the movies?

Well, back then I was studying computer science and I really found it tough I have always wanted to do something apart from my studies. So I found my interest in modeling. Then, Femina Miss India happened in 2008 and I won the titles for a Fresh Face and Beautiful Skin.

So when did the collaboration with Dhanush start?

Soon after I started doing commercials for Airtel, Reliance and Coke,  Vetrimaaran gave me a call. You know what ?

I never knew a single thing about Dhanush or Vetrimaaran. For that matter I did no even know that he is the son-in-law of Rajni sir. Thereafter, as soon as I was in Madurai things became much familiar. And it turned to be  a wonderful experience for me to don the role of an Anglo-Indian girl.

So has Madurai experience been.

Wow. What a lovely place is Madurai. The whole place is so lively with so many affectionate people around.

The role of an Anglo-Indian girl did you ever think that was coming your way?

Many have asked me that before. Well in Delhi, there are not many Anglo Indians but I never got a chance to get close to them. I only interacted with them for the first time after coming for the shoots as they were a part of the crew here. This particular family has been living in Madurai. Gradually I got into their living styles and it surely was instrumental for shaping the character in my recent release. Well that’s about it, I surely had a lot of fun with Aunt.

Your fans are waiting for one secret tip about your fitness, you know how much they like you, don’t you.

There are no secrets as such although I don’t overeat and only prefer my meals when I am hungry. I do drink lots of water and prefer not to speak to strange guys very much.

Haha, your fans definitely have something to look forward.

As for Madurai we are sure it will charm you even more for the coming days and be a part of your movie career for the coming times. Good luck Tapsee.



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