Arya clarifies his controversial speech

Arya on recent controversy
Arya on recent controversy

We caught up with the actor; he clarifies his take on the issue, read on to know more before the release of his movie on Chikku Bukku with Shriya Saran Friday.

Do you think the recent controversy was quite unnecessarily blown out of proportion?

I really don’t understand how this controversy erupted. I never said anything bad about the Tamil film industry, which is my bread and butter. I’m passionate about Tamil films. How can I speak against the industry when I’m not only acting but also producing films? I do not want to rub anybody the wrong way. The Nadigar Sangam has taken up the issue and I’m sure they will take necessary action.

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Chikku Bukku is all set for release, what do you have to say about yourself and the movie?
It is a feel-good family entertainer. The film is made like a breezy romance comedy and is an ode to the Jeeva style of filmmaking by his former associates (director Manikandan, cinematographer Gurudhev and me). It’s a neat romance with beautiful actresses like Shriya and Preetika, foot-tapping music with tunes like Zara Zara… becoming chartbusters, super background score by Praveen Mani, rich locations, and stunning visuals .Above all, a solid script with a surprise twist. As far as I’m concerned, I wear nice clothes and people who saw the trailer say I look good. I’m overjoyed to hear that I look handsome and debonair in designer wear.

Oh yes, we agree.

He continues,

There are hilarious comedy scenes featuring a host of comedians like Santhanam, Jagan, Mano Bala and others. I owe a lot to Manikandan because he was the one who taught me the importance of dialogue delivery in my first film Ullam Ketkume. He thinks visually… to get a soft romantic look, he’d wait for the sun to get covered by clouds and then shoot.

And what about Avan Ivan?

It is going to be a complete laugh riot. You will find the comic side of director Bala in this film, which is almost complete. I’m shooting for the climax of the film at the moment.

Could you highlight your future projects?
I want to do films with directors who can bring the best out of me. In January, I will start shooting for Vettai, directed by Lingusamy, along with Maddy, Amala Paul and Sameera Reddy.

That’s great .We wish you luck for your future endeavors and hope unwanted controversies stay away.

I hope too. Thanks.



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