Tamannah on Venghai

TamannahTamannah is quite a phenomenon in Tamil films, one look at her credits in the last couple of years, and you would know the actress has had the opportunity to collaborate  with the entire top league in the industry. Recently we spoke to her her. In this interview Tamannah speaks to us more on her release this week, Venghai, directed by Hari and much more.


Hi Tamannah.

Good morning.

So let us start with you telling us about working with Director Hari in Venghai?

Well I had not worked with Hari Sir yet although I had heard of his professionalism and organization a lot from my friends in the industry, I was not surprised he turned out to be better. He has the same concern for every movie and treats each one of them as it was his first . Even though he has proved himself, he doesn’t take himself lightly. He doesn’t sit on the sets; and is always on the run getting things going, thanks to  his  amazing direction department who keep pace with him throughout.They make everything so efficient.

So if he changes things, does it become difficult for you?

Actually I do not come with preconceived notions of what will happen and what will not on the sets. I am like clay that can be molded, or like a sponge that can absorb things. I do what the director wants me to do.

Wow, could you tell us briefly about your role in the movie?

I play a village girl.

How was the experience playing a village belle?

I haven’t played a rural girl in Tamil films. Whereas, in Telugu I had a chance with 100 % Love which was comical story. During shoots I got to wear some pretty outfits as village girls these days don’t wear the langa-odhni (pavada-davani, the half sari) they prefer wearing salwar kameez. In my role I mostly wear churidars and I also had a chance to wear the langa-odhni for one song.

You look gorgeous in your outfits. So what’s Venghai all about?

Thank you, I can’t tell you about the story, you will have to watch it. Although I would like to add it’s not an out-of-the-box story but the treatment of the film is very unique. It’s a commercial film with an interesting plot. That’s all that I can say for the moment.

We have booked our tickets in advance and will surely watch the movie.So, this is your second film with Dhanush .How has his company on the sets been?

He is good a friend and he will not make anyone feel lonely on the sets. We had so much fun during the shoots. After finishing the shots, we would often shoot each other on our phone cameras delivering punchy dialogues. Certainly there is a level of understanding between us since we have collaborated before too.

Nice, Devisriprasad has scored music for Venghai and 100 % Love. What do you like about his music?

I like the songs Yenna Solla Pore and Kaalangathale from Venghai. They suit the mood of the film. I am a huge fan of Devi. There is soul to his music; I think it is because he composes for the sheer love of music and not just for a living. He is passionate about his music and I respect him for that.

You have done quite a few Tamil films. Have you started speaking the language?

Yes I can do well enough to communicate. I have done interviews in Tamil .You know I feel more at home in Chennai and Hyderabad than in Mumbai, I spend so much time in these two cities.

Sounds good, are you considering dubbing in Tamil?

I am waiting for the right time. I can memorize Tamil lines pretty well. I feel at home speaking the language.

You really feel comfortable in the Tamil film industry and having co-starred with Surya, Karthi, Dhanush must have helped too.

This is my second film opposite Dhanush. People here are extremely grounded. The bigger the star, the more grounded they are I like that. It’s a pleasure to work with such individuals as everybody is passionate towards making a good movie. It is an absolutely smooth experience.

Thank You Tammannah for those kind words about Kollywood, we wish you good luck on your movie’s release. Have a nice day

Thank You.


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